We Pray — Diflen Music 2016
Since arriving in Japan, we were touched by the need for prayer and intimacy with God. Only the Spirit of God can move this place and bring revival to this nation. We began praying together as a church staff each morning for an hour. We were moved to seek God more, with more intensity, so we moved into a time of fasting with “prayer” meetings that went 3 hours, full of worship, seeking God’s face, interceding for the nation and being moved by God. Out of the time came a prayer EP — songs inspired by our times with God and our heart for this nation. Hear firsthand the heart behind this EP as my brother-in-law Bruno Sene and I talk about it in this short video.

Here are the songs from the EP on YouTube. Of course you can find this EP on all the major online music outlets as well. May these songs bless your intimacy with God and inspire you to be a channel of His grace here on earth.

Starting Fires — Nate Reutter 2014
Jesus came to start a fire that would burn brighter and brighter until it took over the whole world. It is the Fire of His Holy Spirit ignited in the hearts of all those who believe and act on His Word. What is happening today was prophesied thousands of years ago: His Glory spreads to every tongue, tribe and nation through his willing servants. This album is dedicated to each and every fire-starter who has, by faith, given his or her life to see God glorified, the Gospel preached and disciples made. It is dedicated to all those faithful who came before us, to the ones currently working the harvest, and those yet to come. You have the highest calling that anyone could have — you have a most essential part to play in God’s great design and I admire each and every one of you. This album is dedicated to you!


  1. Get Ready
  2. Moved by You
  3. Bless the Lord
  4. Found
  5. All I Need
  6. Who Will Go?
  7. Freedom
  8. Lives Light Up
  9. One Life
  10. All of the Days
  11. Starting Fires