A Eulogy for Anna

If you haven’t read the previous article about Anna, I recommend reading that first.
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First of all, thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers and little notes of encouragement. Whether they arrive on our blog, on facebook or by email, we are reading each one and God is greatly using them to comfort us. I never in my life imagined having to live through a day like yesterday, let alone go on living in the aftermath afterwards. We are parents without a child here on earth, and a big hole has been left in our hearts. Some of you know exactly what it feels like.

Since none of you will ever get a chance to meet Anna Rebecca outside heaven, I wanted to share with you some of the highlights from yesterday. And I wanted to share some photos with you, so you can see beautiful Anna Rebecca. I also wanted to share with you how we are experiencing God’s grace in the deepest ways. Also, it’s a chance for me to talk about the daughter I’m so proud of, who I never met alive outside of Ruth’s womb.

I used to talk to Anna while she was in the womb, and while I couldn’t see her I told her how we were getting everything ready for her arrival, how she was going to grow up to be a woman of God, what happened that day and how much we loved her. Ruth eventually prohibited me from talking to her right before bed, because Anna would kick and move around for several minutes afterwards and Ruth couldn’t go asleep! I had to move my “Anna Time” up in the day.

How quickly eager expectation turn into the valley of death. A number of things really helped us through the day yesterday.

  1. Having both parents here was a huge blessing and great support. They were such a help, providing verses, wisdom, stories and their love.
  2. Holding Anna was something I’ll never forget and I will always thank God for those few precious moments.
  3. My love and pride in Ruth went up about 20 notches yesterday. What a amazing woman! I told her there’s no one else in the world I would want to go through something like this than with her.
  4. A number of days ago, a couple different people had similar visions, each involving Grandpa and Grandma Huber in heaven, receiving Anna with great joy.
  5. The word that God gave my father-in-law was that from Exodus 13:12, where God asked for the first fruits of children and animals. And the promise afterwards was that of great blessings.
  6. It’s been amazing to get emails and notes from several people saying that God had laid us on their hearts within the last couple of days to pray for us (this is while everything was still “fine.”) Even people I hadn’t talked to since high school mentioned they had found our blog recently and felt burdened to pray.
  7. I think most of all, in the most horrible day of my life, I experienced a depth of God’s love and grace that I have never known before. I also understand a little better God’s great love for us. I remember holding Anna’s lifeless body and saying “Live, daughter, live!” My heart cried out for my daughter – and it still does. I thought of God the Father, who’s heart breaks for those dead in sin to whom he says “Live!” That word “Live!” cost God his first and only Son. But through Jesus, God has opened the way for millions and billions of more sons and daughters to “Live!” I am firmly believing that not only will we have other healthy children, but many children will be born into God’s family, and hear the heart of the Father say “Live!”

I, like so many other parents who have experienced similar things, I don’t think I will understand anytime soon why Anna had to be taken from us. But I do believe, as the Bible says in Romans 8:28, that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to his purpose. I also believe that there are some extraordinary surprises awaiting in heaven for those who have suffered – things so great that if we knew, the grief would be but a passing shadow. Once again, the Bible says (I Cor 2:9) “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” Sounds like some great surprises to me! I know I can’t wait to meet Anna. Will she be full grow, or a baby when I meet her? Will I recognize her? I’m sure I will, she’ll be the really cute one! Will I still miss her here on earth? Absolutely.

We really covet your prayers, they are making all the difference. Please continue to pray for us during the difficult days that lie ahead. God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good!

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Oh, what a sweet, sweet story, dear Nate and Ruth! Anna certainly is a darling little Reutter – and she has several great grandparents who’ve already welcomed her home.

We will all miss knowing her here on earth – but rejoice in the reunion to come!

So much love and prayerful support,

Aunt Joy

My heart goes out to you and your family at this terrible time. I cannot even comprehend how you must be feeling at this time. I wwill keep you all in my prayers as you travel this journey not really understanding God’s plan. But as we know God will see you through. My deepest sympathies on your so very adorable daughter Anna.
Lori Griffith

Nate and Ruth,

Anna is absolutely beautiful and so precious. She looks so peaceful in the photos you put here, like she was just sleeping in her daddy’s arms.
I’ve been blessed so much by reading your blogs the past few days, and even more so the past 2 days.
You are in my prayers, as well as our extended family and church family too.
May you experience peace that goes beyond all understanding…
Jen (Nevitt) Schilpp

Nate, Ruth, and Anna:
I am weeping as I read of your tragedy. My wife (Heather) and I lust lost our first pregnancy at 11 weeks and are devastated, but we can only immagine the intense pain you are feeling now. Thank you for giving me perspective and a prayer focus to occupy us. May God’s mercies exceed all you could ever imagine as you mourn Annas death. You will be in our constant prayers. Hanging onto Him, Steven and Heather

Dear Nate and Ruth,
We wish we could be there in person to hug you but God has blessed you with so many arms right now, arms around you, arms lifted to heaven, and arms aching for Anna Rebecca. We are praying constantly for you. THank you, thank you, thank you for the pictures. WHat a beautiful angel she looks like. WE send our love and constant prayers. What a beautiful verse from Exodus. Blessings and prayers!

Dianne and Bruce

Nate and Ruth:
Karen and my hearts go out to you. I can’t imagine what your two are going through at this time. I know you miss her. I pray that the Lord will cover you with His love and bring you peace. God Bless you both. You are in our prayers.

Dick and Karen Narske

Nate and Ruth,
I haven’t known how to respond to such devastating news. I still don’t know what to say except I love you and am praying for all of you. Anna Rebecca is beautiful and I am so glad you had those precious moments to hold her.
Love and Peace,
Shawna, Chris, Delaney and Max

Dear Nate and Ruth,
We are so sorry. May you continue to know God’s grace in deeper ways as the days go by. Your testimony is God honoring and encouraging.
We recently read Randy Alcorn’s book, “Heaven”. He thinks parents like you will get to raise their kids in heaven.Pretty cool to grow up in Heaven!
Love, Bob and Jennifer

I have no words that I can say, but that my prayers and thoughts are with you both. I love you both and hope to see you in the near future. It is amazing to read that your faith and trust in God is increasing through this time.


Dear Nate and Ruth,

God’s grace is evident in your poignant telling of your Anna’s story – a story that is having impact for God’s purposes right now. She will always be your first born and have a special place in your hearts, as well as ours. Thank you, especially, for the pictures. Grace and peace, A. Mary

Anna is extremely beautiful! Only those who have gone through something like this can truly understand your great pain. all day yesterday and today I kept asking God why and all I could think of was that someday when we get to heaven all will be explained as to why he needed Anna in heaven right now, he must have had a pretty big job for her up there! We are in constant prayer for you guys that God would be so close to you, more than he ever has before and I know He is. we love you and will keep praying. love, stephen & jennie

Nate & Ruth:
Our love and prayers are with you during this difficult time. She truly was a beautiful baby and we appreciate your sharing the pictures with us. Know that we will continue praying for you in the days and weeks ahead. We share in your grief.
Our love,
Glenn & Sharon Rogerson

Hey guys, Malissa told me what happened this morning and I was shocked to say the least. But reading through this page makes me realize what a firm grasp you guys have on this. And while I am sorry for your loss, I celebrate with you the joy of Anna entering into a heaven that we all long for. Praise God for that and know that we will be praying for you.

Thanks for the tender blogs you shared. Truly, you are an amazing family and Josh and I will be alongside you with prayer.

We were so shocked to hear of your loss. No amount of
expressions of sympathy could ever comprehend what you have just experienced. We know that we must trust our God even
though we don’t understand why tragic things happen. Your
eulogy spoke such encouragement to our hearts. You are in
our thoughts and prayers. Please allow the love of your family and friends to embrace you as the healing begins.
Loving you, John and Joanne

Yesterday, as I (Bree) was praying for you and mourning with you, I envisioned little Anna up in heaven with Jesus looking down at everyone who is shedding tears over her death and wondering why she had to be taken so quickly from this earth…I envisioned her wondering, “why is everyone so sad…I’m with Jesus! I couldn’t be happier because I’m with my Lord!” It brought a slight smile to my tear-filled eyes knowing that she is dancing and singing with our Savior.

She’s so beautiful! We wish like everyone else that we could just hug you. Know that we are “hugging” you with our prayers.

“But God will redeem my life from the grave; he will surely take me to himself.” –psalm 49:15

We love you guys,
Bree, Erik, and Josie

I don’t know what to say. I love you both so much. I’m so sorry for your loss. I will pray for you all down there.

Ruth & Nate–

Anna is so beautiful, and I’m sure she knows how greatly loved she is and will always be. Our love and prayers are with you.

Nate and Ruth – We can’t but imagine what this has been and will be to experience. God is your ultimate comforter and strength. We will pray and request prayer on your behalf from our many believing friends. You have our deepest sympathies for the loss you are feeling and our deepest joy knowing Anna is with Jesus. She will never experience anything but ultimate joy and everlasting peace.

In His Love,
Keith and Karen.

Nate, I can not imagine what you are going through right now. It is something that no parent should have to go through. All of our thoughts prayers, and love are with you.

Nathan, Rachel, Abby.

Dear Nate and Ruth,
Our hearts break for the two of you and your parents. We are holding you up before the Father.
Ken and Leslie

Nate and Ruth,
Thanks for posting the pictures–Anna is a beautiful baby. I wish I could be there with you during this time but I praise God that He has placed you in a wonderful community of believers. May He continue to show you new dimensions of His goodness and grace.

You dear young people,
I am a friend of Isaiah Huber and as I was perusing this website I stumbled across this account of what you have been through with your precious Anna Rebecca.
My infant grandson, John, had a close call with meconium aspiration when he was born in July but, thankfully, he is now fine and healthy.
My heart goes out to you and I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will hover over you and comfort you and bless you in ways you never imagined. God bless you.
Never,never forget this: He is a good God.
God bless you.

Nate and Ruth:

It is so hard to even type the right words to say because there really aren’t any, but know our hearts of love and prayers are with you both and your family. We are lifting you up to our Gracious God and I pray that His loving arms of comfort will enfold, that you will truly feel Him today and in the days to come. We love you and miss you!

In Him,
Kevin & Laura McSparin

My dearest friends,

Last night Hudson prayed a beautiful prayer for you both, that HE would keep you calm and give you peace and draw your little hearts to you (meaning Jesus). It was very sweet. There is not an hour that goes by that goes by that we are not praying for you. We love you….


I have had you in my thoughts and prayers since I heard you were expecting, and this was certainly not the way I ever thought this would end. But as I read your words I am amazed at how strong you both are. I find myself at times taking for granted that my children are healthy, normal and growing, especially when they cause trouble 🙂 I can’t imagine a world without them and I know there will be many tough days for you, but you have the tools to make it through together and with God. Jody and I will continue to pray for you and I hope God keeps you at ease and keeps your mind and heart open to His Love. Steve

Nate and Ruth,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t imagine the deep sorrow that you are going through at this time. These are the moments in life I just don’t understand, and simply trust. Anna is a beautiful child and has a rich heritage in heaven and she will never be alone or unloved. Jesus is holding her right now. What a comfort.

Dear Nate and Ruth
Our prayers go to you both. As I continued to read, I started crying out to God of your loss. You both are an amazing couple and we will continue to pray for you both. The memories of the loss we had while being pregnant (10 weeks) and God saw that He wanted our baby more. Our daughter, Kayla (3)has sinced named him Issac. No words nor our memories can bring your precious beautiful daughter back, but know, you will see Anna again, as we will see our little Issac.
With much love,
Jim and Lisa (Tiffan) Kemer

Dear Nate and Ruth,

Our hearts ache with you !!! Anna is such a beautiful baby !!!!! How precious she is to the Lord,as well as to you !! God is glorified by your sweet spirits in spite of the sorrow.

We will keep you in our prayers both day and whenever we think of you in the night time, too. We pray that God will carry you in His Loving arms during these difficult days ahead.

Love in Christ,

Alice and Bob Anderson

Your blog has blown me away in the strength God is giving you two in this time. I should not be shocked since I you are both amazing people and strong in your faith in the Lord. I pray He continues to lift you up. Thank you for sharing with us. My heart has been aching for you both. And I have had some cries and prayers for you guys and your precious little girl. Who is (beautiful by the way). As my heart aches it is a good reminder to pray more and I know what we feel is a drop of your emotions. I wanted to add that I too felt the nudging of the Lord to pray for you all during the delivery even with no ill reports during labor. The Lord must have placed it on the hearts of many. What a loving God to have touched so many others to lift you up in prayer. you will be in my prayers. I wish I could give you guys both (besjos e brasos) in person.

Dear Ruth and Nate

How I wish I could be with you in person right now, but pray constantly that you would know the arms of Jesus around you both as you walk through this time. Anna is so beautiful.

“May the grace of God
deeper than our imagination;
the strength of Christ,
stronger than our need;
and the communion of the Holy Spirit,
richer than our togetherness,
guide and sustain you today
and in all your tomorrows.”

All our love,


Nate and Ruth,
We are so sad to hear of the loss of your precious little Anna Rebecca. She is a beautiful baby. How difficult it must be to give her back to God so soon. You are in our prayers in the days ahead as you grieve the loss of your little girl.
Randy and Leslie Hopkins

Dear Nate & Ruth,

The photo of the three of you is so beautiful. . .

May the Father continue to minister His comfort to you, as one who truly understands your pain. Our deepest sympathy and prayers,

Scott and Becky

Nate and Ruth,

Our prayers go out to you at this difficult time. Your daughter is very beautiful. We pray for God’s comfort.

In Christ,
Gary and Becky Hofer

Nate & Ruth,
We are praying for comfort only He can give! Our thoughts & prayers are with you during this time. We are so sorry for your loss.
Diane, Gary, Gabe Conner

Dearest Ruth and Nate:

From what I know of the two of you, I am almost certain that in such a short time she experienced the best of you. From Nate talking to her and I’m sure being humorous at times and above all else encouraging and inspiring as he has been in my life…to Ruth being Gentle and strong with a belly laugh to make any child smile… I know she felt loved.

And I also know that although the time was short, she will go on to have inspired you two through opening your eyes to the greatness of love for each other and in relation to God.

And her presence and love in your life, though short, will inspire your relationship and your ministries. I am so sorry for your loss and I pray you will be able to embrace the powerful lessons that come from such pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you both.


Dear Nate and Ruth,
We are deeply sorry to hear about Anna. She is so beautiful. You are in our prayers as you go through this diffucult time and we trust in the love and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father to comfort you as you mourn the loss of your beautiful daughter Anna.
Tom and Nancy

Nate and Ruth,
Thank you for sharing this difficult time with all of us. Our hearts break for you, and yet we rejoice that we serve an awesome God who carries us through our trials. I pray you continue to feel His presence and blessings. The pictures of your family are beautiful, Anna….what a perfect addition to the angels in heaven!

Tony and Lora Loete

Our hearts are broken for you over your loss! What a little angel she is. We are in prayer for Ruth and for you as well.

We are so sorry for your loss. Anna Rebecca is beautiful. We pray that God will continue to strengthen you and surround you with His presence and grace.
In His love,
Dave and Sally Maloof

Nate and Ruth,

My heart is breaking for you. I am praying for you, and crying with you. What a beautiful, precious daughter. I am so sorry. I am grateful that you are in the faithful hands our our Great God.


Nate & Ruth,

We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Anna Rebecca. The one thing we know for sure is God is all knowing, full of love and His timing is perfect. That doesn’t mean we always understand His reasons, but we do know that He is in control.

We pray for His peace that passes all understanding be upon you and your extended family. We are praying for you.


Dave & Darlene Hopkins (friends of Ruth’s parents)

Dear Nate and Ruth.
I never new that I had the capacity to feel so much compassion and heartfelt pain for someone I’ve never met (I know Jeff and Becky) but your deep loss of God’s beautiful gift of Anna has touched me deeply.As we search for something positive that can come from such
a loss, be encouraged to know that your expression of such a deep faith in God’s love for us has at this moment strengthened my faith.
I will carry your message to my circle of prayer warriors and we will pray fervently for God’s healing hand on all your family and friends as you grieve this loss and particularly at this time for healing of the emotional and physical wounds that Ruth is experiencing as she recovers from the infection.
May God bless you abundantly and comfort you deeply.

Our tears and prayers go with you. Thank You so much for sharing this most difficult time with us – she was such a beautiful perfect child. May the Lord continue to comfort and keep you wrapped in his loving arms as you go through this time together as a families.

Nate and Ruth and extended family,
Thank you for sharing your heart, thoughts, and photos.
May you continue to be sustained by our Creator.

Dear Nate and Ruth,

I am deeply saddened by the loss of your beautiful Anna Rebecca and want to extend my deepest sypathies to you and your family. Thank you for sharing the story of your love for her, the pain that you are experiencing and the strength of God’s love that sustains you.

May God’s abundant comfort and peace and the love of your family and friends continue to strenghten you.

My prayers are with you,
Jerry Hranka

The picture with all three is precious and it is amazing to see the love that you both have poured out over such a wonderful life. I can only imagine the great things that God has in store for Anna Rebecca in heaven and she’ll be the one showing us all around when we make it!

You are in our prayers!
Amie & Oliver

There are no words created, or yet to be, that can ever comfort you like Our Father. You already know that. I believe God only chooses those who seek Him with everything they have to be His greatest witnesses. I know you are those people. Please know the multitude of people you are touching with your lives. Also feel all those who are aching with your empty arms and rejoicing in the certainty of the arms Anna is now in. What an amazing blessing your family is. Thank you for sharing your lives and giving all of us a glimpse into the strength that comes only from God. In Christ, Mike and Cheri Boles

Dear Nate,Ruth and family,
How saddened I am to hear of your little Anna’s homegoing. I know how you anticipated her coming, but our Loving Lord knew how soon He would bring her back to Himself and He will carry you all through this deep valley. Having laid our firstborn in the arms of Jesus when Scott was 21, I know how heartbreaking it is to see one you love more than life itself slip from your lives. God be with you. He will never leave you, and Anna will greet you one day at Heaven’s gate with open arms.
Love in Jesus’ Grip, Lynn Bedard

Nate & Ruth: Our hearts ache for you but know the peace of God will keep your hearts. Our adult ABF prayed specifically for you this morning and all of Geneseo E-Free was saddened to hear the news. We pray that God will give you strength in the days ahead as you hold dear the memories of your daughter. Praise God she will ever be with Jesus!

Dear Nate and Ruth,

I just finished reading your eulogy for Anna and after weeping, clicked on the picture of the three of you and wept again. Your testimonies are glorifing our Lord Jesus. We sure love you both and will continue to interceed.


U. Tim and A. Christine

Nate & Ruth – we have been praying for comfort for you both and healing for Ruth. Romans 8:28-29.

When we all get to Heaven, we’ll have a huge family reunion and all get to meet beautiful Anna Rebecca. All thanks to the heavenly father who conquered death. See you there!

I don’t have the words to reply, but so much want to. You don’t know us but Ruth’s parents do. We were in Brazil with them in 1993/1994.

I have been weeping with you as I have read your Eulogy for Anna. Your faith in God and love for Him in all circumstances truly blesses me. My heart is aching for you and don’t want to just babble on for the sake of talking. “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”.

Nate and Ruth,

Our hearts are broken over the loss of your beautiful daughter. We will lift you up in prayer to the Lord for healing and comfort during this painful stretch in your lives. May His peace transcend all understanding.


Jeff and Catherine Hopkins

“Bendito seja o Senhor ,a minha Rocha,que treina as minhas mãos para a guerra e os meus dedos para a batalha.Ele é o meu aliado fiel,a minha fortaleza,a minha torre de proteção e o meu libertador, é o meu escudo, aquele em quem me refugio”(Salmo 144)
Queridos, A Anna Rebecca é linda!!Essa experiência os conduziu a um nível maior de glória, de autoridade, de unção!!Essa experiência os capacitará a consolarem aqueles que passarão por essa situação, sendo cúmplices e entendendo os corações e acima de tudo animando a olhar para frente, sabendo que a tristeza pode durar uma noite mas a alegria vem pela manhã!!!

Nate & Ruth
Our hearts and prayers go out to you guys and your whole family.
We are heart broken for yall.
May God pour blessing on you with his grace and love. God remove pain and hurt.

Dear Ruth and Nate,

Words aren’t adequate at a time like this, so we continue to reach out and simply hold you both close in our arms by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for having the strength and courage by His Grace to share your thoughts and pictures… We love and appreciate you and both your families so much. Trusting in Him, Elsie & Merle

Dear Nate and Ruth,
You are in our prayers in the days ahead. We have both experienced your pain and we can attest to the fact that our God is faithful in all things and He will bring you comfort. Anna Rebecca is beautiful and you will be with her one day.Praise our Lord.
With Love and Prayers, Brian and Nancy

You are so blessed to have your parents with you. I read your great testimonies of faith and still grieve over the loss of Natasha´s little one that we never met. I also grieve that beyond the first few days, we have not been around to provide a listening ear. PTL! He has provided those using MK´s from Paz, the Obergfell family, Nick´s family and others. PTL! that we can trust He in all of our moments of need. Love and blessings, Colleen for Pablo

Amados Nate e Ruth,
Nós não temos palavras… Choramos com vocês, oramos por vocês…
“Tua graça me basta” diz a Palavra. Que Aquele que experimentou uma dor semelhante os console.
Amamos vocês, Sabá e Mariléa

Nate & Ruth,
It’s a very beautiful tribute to Anna. I pray for you and Ruth. May god give you both the strength to go on eventually.
No words can say how sad I feel for you and hope Ruth gets better. We love you!

Nate & Ruth,
I don’t know you personally but Hannah is one of my new friends at Denver Seminary. I wish there were words I could use to sufficiently alleviate the situation, but my heart and my prayers go out to you. I wish we all understood God’s plan, but I believe Lord Jesus is delighted to take care of baby Anna. I am so moved by your strength during this time and your unfaltering love for God. You are such an inspiration to me, your hearts are overflowing with God’s love. You and your family are in my prayers. One glorious day you will see Anna again. God bless.


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