Abundant Rain

Cell group had ended at their house, and Renato and Claudete were standing out front, enjoying chit chat with fellow cell group members when a woman and her adolescent daughter came quickly up to them in a panic. Through her wheezing she said “Would you take me to the health post?!” Claudete sensed in her spirit that she should pray for her to be healed. Out loud, she began praying for the lady and her wheezing went away! Then Renato began preaching the gospel and invited her to pray with him. Her daughter was so amazed that she prayed the prayer as well!

Claudete welcomes a new member into the family of God
Claudete welcomes a new member into the family of God

Renato and Claudete are two of our disciples and are a part of the cell group that multiplied from our cell group last October. This cell group, led by fellow missionaries and disciples of ours Edson and Kelly Lee, has been winning people left and right through the amazing work of several of the cell group members, including Renato and Claudete. Now it is ready to multiply- into three different cell groups! You see, they just keep winning people. Last Saturday, when we visited the cell group to supervise (Ruth and I are over this cell group that multiplied from ours), another woman accepted Christ as her savior.

Abundant rain is falling in the Amazon, soaking the hearts of people with God’s love and opening the way for his Word. The week before at cell group, Leo, another one of our disciples, shared the Word. People were so touched by the Word being preached, that they were crying, and even before he could give the invitation, someone said that they wanted to accept Christ as their savior! He then invited other people to do the same, and 4 more people raised their hands!

Marlison, Me and Juarez
Marlison, Me and Juarez

God is moving in our cell group as well. Although we haven’t grown the same amount as the cell group that multiplied from ours, just the other day, as I was leading worship at church, I looked down at the end of the service and saw Juarez, a man who started attending our cell group, had gone forward to accept the Lord! Hallelujah! God is doing an amazing work!

Click on Page 2 to see what happens to a road when it gets too much rain and hear about the largest PAZ church construction project ever!

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Always glad to have your news, and how the Lord is using your lives for him. We do pray for you daily! Our love, Grandma & Grandpa Hrubik

We share in your excitement and pray God will continue to bring forth abundant fruit in the Amazon.

Great update! Oh, makes me miss the amazon! But ptL I am still in Brasil 🙂

Love you guys!

To God be the glory! What an encouraging update of how the Lord is at work among you! Glad to be behind you as a supporter.

Hallelujah! The news aout the pregnancy is terrific. I suppose that means that Ruth will not be coming to the Phillips Phamily Reunion in August, but we’ll save her a place, just in case.

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