An Update on Ruth

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, Ruth has felt pretty lousy. She’s swollen and a bloodtest done Saturday showed that her white blood cells were extremely high (signifying that there’s an infection, possibly from the same miconium stool that took Anna’s life). Fortunately last night Ruth was less sick and this morning she was a lot less swollen, but still nauseous (probably from all the meds). So this morning we had an additional blood work done to see if the infections getting better. The results were the same, so our doctor called a specialist in the area of infections, and he will come tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to check Ruth. He prescribed a new antibiotic for Ruth and we are going to have an ultrasound done to see if we can’t further locate the source of the problem, helping us treat it and get Ruth out of there!

We are truly feeling all yours prayers and your love. We are humbled by the amount of people interceding on our behalf and as you can see, it’s making a tremendous difference. Over the past 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) almost 1,700 have visited and read our story!! What an amazing encouragement that is to me- to have so many praying. About twice a day I drive from the hospital to the PAZ office to download our emails, approve comments on the website, check our facebook and do the updates. I then take it all on back to Ruth and read them to her. So even though you may not have heard back from us (just yet), we are receiving and reading all of your comments, and they mean so much. Even though Ruth doesn’t always feel well, she’s in really good spirits and it encourages me so much to see her spirits high, joking around.

I couldn’t imagine going through this without a wonderful family of believers like you who are interceding for us. What does the world do in these kind of situations? Where is their hope? Where is their community of support? Oh, it’s so important for us to be involved in a good church and be involved in ministering to others, because when the day of trial arrives, the man with many good friends stands firm in the Lord. I have a new purpose in my life and passion in my heart to share the great love of the Father to all of those without hope, that they may know the everlasting joy awaiting us. What great promises are in God!

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Nate and Ruth,
Our hearts are so broken for you right now, we are often moved to tears when we think of all you are going through. Nate, thanks for getting ahold of us! We were truly touched by that. Ruth, we are praying for your quick recovery and total healing. We love you both and deeply wish we could be in Brazil with you right now! We know that you are surrounded by your families who love and support you and we are so thankful for that. Please keep in touch as you can. We are here for you if you need anything! Blessings~ Jeff and Angie

Nate and Ruth-
We will be praying that the specialist figures out everything tomrrow so Ruth can come home very soon. We will continue to pray that God gives you strength and comfort during this time.

Nzte and Ruth,
You remain in our thoughts and prayers. We trust that the specialist located the problem and Ruth will be able to go home soon. We ask God to continue to hold you in His arms and give you comfort and strength for your loss of Anna. “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” Deut. 33:27 Praise God–there is hope!
We love you, Uncle Jim & Aunt Ann

Nate and Ruth:

This note is overdue, but Kris and I wanted you to know how heartbroken we both are over your loss. I wanted to let you know that we, the Agape class, prayed for you on Sunday morning. Many brothers and sisters were crying for you and with you Sunday morning, but also praising God for His sovereignty.

We mourn with you, but also rejoice in how God is already using Anna’s life for His glory, as you share salvation stories as a result of your testimony.

Please know that Kris and I continue to pray for you and Ruth. What a promise to know that we will all get to meet Anna one day, and sing praises together in Heaven.

Steve and Kris Christensen

Olá Natan e Rute
Sou o piloto de Asas de Socorro que levou Pr. Melvin para Santarém em 31 de agosto.
Hoje eu estava visitando o website de Missão PAZ e encontrei o link para seu blog. Ficou muito emocionado com o que vocês estão vivendo, eu não sabia do que aconteceu.
Natan, eu já passei pelo que você está passando e a minha esposa também. Perdemos 5 bebês. Temos 7 filhos, 2 na terra e 5 no céu. No segundo bebê que a Keila (minha esposa) perdeu, ela também quase morreu, pois perdeu muito sangue e ficou muito doente. Mas a misericórdia de Deus é infinita e estamos reunidos como família hoje pela Graça de Deus. Todos nós somos sobreviventes e enquanto Deus tiver um plano para nós nessa terra somos imortais. Mas quando nossa missão termina aqui na Terra, é melhor irmos para junto do nosso Pai. Deus tem caminhos perfeitos na infinita sabedoria DELE e precisamos confiar Nele sempre, independente do que entendemos e do que não entendemos. A missão de sua filha foi fazer crescer o amor de vocês por Jesus e fazer vocês sentirem o amor dEle por vocês de uma forma mais profunda e nova. E ela compriu a missão dela, Glórias a Deus! Foi assim conosco, pois só entendemos parte do amor de Deus para conosco quando vimos nossos filhos deixarem essa vida. Deus também sentiu isso quando Jesus morreu de forma injusta.
Estamos orando por vocês! Deus lhes abençoe!

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