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Aninho: The Twins Turn One

The girls turned one year old! Tonight we are having a small party with our cell group and this Christmas, when Ruth’s family will be back in town, we will have another celebration. The one year party — or “Aninho” — is a big deal in Brazil. Those who can afford it (and many who can’t) spend thousands and thousands and thousands of Reais to pull off a party that the kid won’t even remember. I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal, but one of the best theories I’ve heard is that in older days, when a kid made it to one year old, it was a big deal because the infant mortality rate was so high. Even though we’re not having a HUGE party, we are sure thankful for our two beautiful girls. It has been a large part of the healing God has ministered in our lives. Enjoy these pictures from their birthday! Make sure to click them to see them full size, then use your arrow keys to advance.

Good morning Becca!  Happy Birthday!
Good morning Becca! Happy Birthday!
Good morning Anna!  Happy, happy birthday!!
Good morning Anna! Happy, happy birthday!!
Becca and mom.
Becca and mom.
Anna and mom.
Anna and mom.
Becca has learned how to turn on the spicket and spray Anna.
Becca sprays Anna.
Anna takes it in stride!
Anna takes it in stride!
Don't ask.  I don't know.
Don't ask. I don't know.
One year ago.
One year ago.

For the first time in over a year, there is no immediate project on my plate. A year ago I started work on PAZ’s new website, then we had the twins. The site launched last Spring and then I went to work on the church’s CD. We launched that at the Congresso and right afterwards we headed to the States. After getting back, we led worship for the MDA Conference and now, oh now, we breathe! We are also really working on growing our cell group and investing in our disciples right now. Soon enough, the new church CD project will start, video projects will start for PAZ — not to mention we have a team from New Life Christian coming down in a little over a week! Praise God for all the great opportunities here. Know that your support is having a great impact in and through our lives. We continually covet your prayers. We love you!

P.S. — Check out more photos from the girls’ birthday at facebook by clicking here.

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I think the party is more for the parents! To celebrate THEIR survival! Happy Birthday to your little princesses. And have a great 2nd party next month!

Great pictures!!!! I hadn’t seen the last update either, after you got back home. That picture of you by the lake–GORGEOUS!! I wouldn’t have been able to leave. Makes me realize how much I need a vacation from the suburbs. 🙁
And congratulations again on your sweet girls turning one!! I’ll never forget when you announced that Ruth was pregnant with twins, and the story of the double blooming flower. Their birthday was not just for them, but as a celebration of you and Ruth, for all you’ve done to get to this point. 🙂

@ Christal: No joke!
@ Carrie a.k.a. Lou: It sure is. As I was putting Rebecca to bed last night, I got teary eyed thinking of all that we’d been through and how God has blessed. Good stuff.
@ Rebecca (Robinson, not Reutter) – and may He send a D7000 my way! Ha! 🙂

Hey the ones where they are upside down just shows that part of their heritage is North American so every once in a while they have to act like they are on the other side of the equator!!!

Was a blessed birthday and look forward to celebrating many, many more.

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