Anticipation Builds

The baby belly

The anticipation just keeps building around our house – right along with Ruth’s belly! She’s now halfway through her pregnancy and she looks like she 6 months through! Each and every day we thank God for the blessing of the twins and as November approaches, we just keep thinking of all the things we need to get done before then. Ruth has all kinds of projects lined up – at least I know she won’t be bored while I’m gone visiting the States! We are so very thankful for your prayers and support as we trust God for a perfect delivery and perfect health for Ruth.

But twin girls are just one of the births we’re anticipating. This weekend our church in Santarém is preparing for 2,000 people to be born again – yes!!! It’s the weekend of our annual Congresso da Paz, and we couldn’t be more ready. I have been asked to play piano on the worship team to open up this great event in the largest venue Santarém has to offer. What an amazing privilege and honor! We’re trusting God to grow our cell group and we’re praying hard that 2,000 people might come into the Kingdom – future leaders, pastors, missionaries and statesmen for the LORD!! Please pray with intensity for us in this time. I just wrote an article on the PAZ website with the specific prayer requests, so please click here to read more about the event. God bless!

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All the women in our family!
All the women in our family!

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