Becoming Japanese

If you follow us on Facebook or instagram, you’ve seen how much the girls have been growing up and everyone’s been settling in! Our adjustment to life in Japan has not been easy, but it has been full of grace and growing. The girls continue to go daily to Japanese preschool. Their teacher says they are doing a good job and are integrating well in class. Their Japanese language teacher says that they understand nearly everything he says to them in Japanese! That’s so good. They’re still learning to like Japanese food, as some times they let us know that they didn’t finish all their food at school. When they do, they get drawings on their hands as rewards! πŸ™‚

Becca and Anna following in daddy and mommy's footsteps.
Becca and Anna following in daddy and mommy’s footsteps.

With family-care and language-learning as our full-time jobs, the rest of our time we spend in ministry. We have been leading a wonderful bi-lingual cell group since last summer. Already we have won some precious people to the Lord and we are seeing everyone grow in understanding and practice! Our goal this year is to train up leaders. Nearly everyone in our cell group is taking additional classes to be trained in Christian life and leadership. Coming up soon in March is our Encounter with God weekend, and we pray that it will be a key time of breakthrough for our group. Please be praying for God to be working powerfully in the lives of our cell group and disciples.

We So Appreciate You!

We really do appreciate all your love, prayers and support. Without it, we could not be breaking new ground here in the land of the Rising Sun. And God has big plans for Japan! We are beginning to see the fruit of it. The harvest is ripe in Japan and we ask for your continued prayer covering. God bless!

Family time!
Family time!

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