Aunt Angie Huber shares key points about communicating effectively
Aunt Angie Huber shares key points about communicating effectively
I’ve been thinking about this and reading about this. I’ve even been hearing about this. Ruth’s Aunt Angie, also a missionary here in Brazil, gave a great lesson on communicating. A great communicator knows what he wants to communicate and then puts his energy towards that. Everything serves the main goal of communicating that thought. Short and concise is powerful. How many personal testimonies have you heard that would have been great if they were half as long. That’s why everyone likes to film a testimony. Because later they can edit it to be presented with simplicity of purpose. Take the movie Australia for example. If they would have ended it 1/3 of the way through the movie, it would have been much better than it was.

I read an article about simplicity in photography from Ken Rockwell that was humorously well written. Up until the 1980’s, cameras were becoming more and more simple – everything from exposure to focus was being automated and allowed the photographer to stop thinking about technique and think about the subject of his pictures. Great pictures came forth. Photographers could concentrate on their pictures and not their cameras. After all, cameras serve the pictures, it’s not pictures that serve the camera. Then in the 90’s, to sell more cameras, companies began adding “junk” features.