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We recently celebrated our first Christmas with our new church family here in Japan. Our Christmas Candlelight service was the most packed service we’ve had yet, full of visitors. Some — like our pharmacist who accepted our sister Beth’s invitation, heard the story of Christmas for the very first time. She was so thankful to hear it! Even though not many people in Japan know the true meaning of Christmas, the Japanese are familiar with many Christmas carols. Shopping even at the convenient store, you can hear the Gospel declared through the English lyrics of “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing!” Oh that it were in Japanese for all to understand and hear!

Our Christmas  Candlelight Service — packed full!
Our Christmas Candlelight Service — packed full!

So as we were preparing for our Christmas Candlelight Service, we decided to take four key Christmas carols that nearly all Japanese are familiar with and sing them in our Fuse Worship style — a verse in English, a verse in Japanese. There was something so special about singing these recognizable songs in Japanese — the timeless truths being declared. The age-old invitation to come and worship the newborn king going out for all to hear! The lyrics are so rich and fresh when you hear them (again) for the first time! So please enjoy this special Christmas treat — here’s our Fuse Christmas Celebration to download and enjoy! Lots of piano, strings, brass, organ and the beautiful singing of fellow missionary Jennifer Huber. But most of all the most important birthday being celebrated in a whole new language.

So what do the Japanese think about Christmas? Well, fellow missionary John Eisenmann went about town asking people what they think of when they hear the word “Christmas.” The responses were funny, interesting and a little sad all at the same time. What a difference it is to know the true meaning of Christmas! Enjoy the video.

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Nate & Ruth — You are so brave! I just finished reading through your 2014 newsletter (& especially enjoyed the wonderful pictures!) and that lead me to your website, listening to the fusion Christmas carols (loved!) & the “what is Christmas” video. Wow. My American mind too often thinks that everyone everywhere has heard the Gospel, has knowledge of who Jesus is, and has decided to accept or reject Him. But reality is, some simply have not heard. …I’m praying for you today as you continue to “show & tell” the Gospel in Japan. “Thank You God, for Your strength through the Reutters & their team – for Your Word that is shared with new people today – and for the opportunities You are preparing. Amen”

Thanks so much Becky — glad to hear the music & video were a blessing. If you haven’t seen our Baptism video yet, I encourage you to check it out. Thanks for all the prayer and support!

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