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We had such a wonderful Congresso da Paz last weekend. Along with playing on the worship team this year, I also filmed, edited and produced a highlight video for the amazing event! This video was played for tens of thousands of people in all the local PAZ Sunday services – 33 locations altogether! Now, without further chatter, here’s the Congresso video!!

Praise God for such a wonderful Congresso! It makes producing a highlight video much easier when so many great things happened! I had almost an hour of footage of lots of great moments, so I selected some of what I thought was best and got it down to 10 minutes. I continued to whittle away, moving different sections around, intersplicing the Prodigal Son drama with the responses of people until it felt tight. It was then that I could write the music to go along with what was happening in the sound track. I only had one afternoon to work on the music, so I was quite happy with how it turned out. I’m posting the track here for you to download and listen to. Enjoy!

Congresso 09 Soundtrack | 5MB | by Nate

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Click here to see great photos and read more about the Congresso.

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