Daughters of the Promise: Rebecca Joy and Anna Grace

It’s with so much pride that I announce to you the birth of Rebecca Joy Reutter (5lb 12oz) at 10:40 PM (8:40 Eastern) and Anna Grace Reutter (3lb 8oz) at 10:42 PM! The babies are super healthy, and the mother too! Praise God for his faithfulness to us – and thank all of you praying on our behalf. The births could not have gone better.

Rebecca Joy and Anna Grace
Rebecca Joy and Anna Grace

Even though here platelets were low, Ruth was still able to have an epidural. Because I grow weak and faint at the sight of blood (it’s true), I was in an adjoining room when Rebecca was born. I heard a healthy cry and tears came to my eyes. I heard the next cry and I was just beaming. Ruth said that her joy would be complete when she heard them cry, and I was so thrilled that she got the joy of hearing her healthy babies cry!

Anna’s already started to nurse well, and Rebecca – well – she’s been wanting to sleep! Since we have no internet at the hospital, I had to come back home to share the great news with all of you who were right here with us in spirit! Look at these photos! Did you ever see anything so beautiful? I think not πŸ™‚ Maybe I’m partial though.

We were already thanking God for healthy babies before delivery
We were already thanking God for healthy babies before delivery

Continue to pray for Ruth’s quick recovery and for the girls to put on some weight. We thank all of you so much for your love and support and check back here soon for more updates, pictures and prayer requests! We won’t let our guard down now- but pray them through these first critical months! Now enjoy these photos (remember to click on them to see them nice and large)

Rebecca Joy is born
Rebecca Joy is born

Anna Grace is born
Anna Grace is born

Rebecca Joy right before her first time with mom
Rebecca Joy right before her first time with mom

Anna Grace sleeping well on mom after nursing for the first time
Anna Grace sleeping well on mom after nursing for the first time

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sooooo exciting! I’ve been praying all day… tears in my eyes, so happy for you all! they are soooooooo beautiful! =) Praising God and will continue to pray for Ruth’s quick recovery… Blessings!

Thank you God!!!!!!! They are absolutely beautiful and precious. Congratulations Nate and Ruth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so overjoyed for you two (I mean four!!). Enjoy your first glorious sleepless night–you’ve earned it. πŸ™‚

What beautiful girls! What great pictures, thanks for sharing them πŸ™‚ We are so happy for you and Ruth!

oh my goodness….seriously…what beauties you have! I’m getting all teary thinking of how sweet the Lord is and how He has been in the details. We will continue to pray and will bring the news to Crosspoint too! Congratulations Daddy and Mommy! πŸ™‚

What beautiful girls you have! We are so excited and happy for you, and we’re praising the Lord with you! God’s love and plan is always far beyond what we can think or imagine! Congratulations Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to the both of you!! Your daughters are beautiful!!! Praise God for watching over all of you and keeping you safe!!

I am crying tears of joy for you! What a blessed, blessed event to welcome these two precious ones. Thank you Father for the precious lives that have entered our world tonight! I will be praying for you all as you head into this adventure of being a family of four! πŸ™‚

God has faithfully answered all our prayers. Praise Him!
I met my new grandson last week and know what precious miracles they are. Congratulations Ruth and Nate and Grandma Becky and Grandpa Jeff.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

WOOOHOOOO….GOD IS GOOOD!!!!! Congratulations, Kinda makes ya want to shoot off some fireworks, huh? Wish we didn’t have to wait to give hugs and kisses in person but hopefully our thoughts and prayers will be delivered through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to wrap you all up in His love, peace, and joy until we can do it face to face. Blessings and Love. πŸ™‚

WOW…God is so faithful! I praise God with you today, He is So GOOD!! We Love you guys, Congratulations!!!
P.s. Little Anna is smaller than Hudson was…they are just soooo cute!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girls! We are so happy and excited for you all!!

Uncle Tim and I are soooooo THANKFUL to hear the wonderful news of your two healthy little girls, and a healthy Ruthie too!!!! Wow, God is SO GOOD, and He definitely hears all of our prayers!! We continue to pray for you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (to twin babies, mommy and daddy and grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles, and great aunts and great uncles, and great great aunts and uncles and cousins, second cousins, friends, etc. etc. etc.!!! smile) Thank You JESUS!!

ParabΓ©ns aos Papais Nate e Ruth… Que maravilha poder ver as duas princesas que Deus deu a vocΓͺs a Aninha e Rebequinha… Lindas, lindas , lindas….
Beijos e abraços a família.

Congratulations we are so happy you have two healthy girls welcomed into this world now! I got the email about the surgery an hour or two after the surgery was supposed to start but began to pray right away anyway. Isn’t God amazing! Enjoy your girls! We can’t wait to meet them!

Your faces are the absolute illustration of overflowing joy. We are SO happy for you and will continue to keep all of you lifted in prayer. Thank-you God!

Praise God for His precious gifts to you! They are beautiful promises from a faithful God! We celebrate with you! We love you all!!

ParabΓ©ns!!!Estamos alegres…Deus Γ© maravilhoso mesmo!!!E isso Γ© sΓ³ o comeco…hihihi!!amamos vcs!

SOOO happy for you! So appropriate that Anna is eating (to catch up to her sister) and Rebecca is resting fat and happy. They’ll be putting on the chub in no time with good ol’ mamma’s milk!! God’s work is perfect!

God is so faithful. Praise be to Him for the beautiful babies–Rebecca and Anna. May your times with each of those gifts honor Him.

Such precious gifts from our Heavenly Father! All praise and honor and glory to Him! The pictures and your note brought tears to my eyes–God is SOOO Good! We will keep you close in thought and prayer. So looking forward to seeing the new mommy and daddy and meeting Anna and Rebecca next summer.
Uncle Jim & Aunt Ann

They are both so beautiful and precious! What a blessing it is to see your new family and be reminded of God’s faithfulness! I am overwhelmed with joy for you both!!


AHHHH amigos!! semp palavras pra descrever a alegria de ver a fotos das meninas!!! Parabens!! Good Job!! hahaha Deus Γ© bom D+!!
Amamos voces!! beijos!!

we showed josie the pictures this morning of her new little friends, and she immediately started to sing “He loves us, Oh how He loves us, Oh how…” no joke. thank You, God, for loving us so! we love you guys!

Nate – we are SOO excited and thrilled for you guys! many prayers sent your way. They are just beautiful! let the fun begin :).

Nate and Ruth,

Tears of joy are just streaming down my face for you and your beautiful little girls. I am so grateful to the Lord for HIS promise and love for you. Enjoy these precious blessings, they do grow up really fast! Ruth you rest as much as possible and let everyone help you! Thank you for sharing your blessings with all of us.

Love you guy’s,

Kathy and Brian McCaulley

Ruth & Nate, I am so absolutely THRILLED for you both!!! Look at God’s faithfulness!!! As I was praying for you all last night I had a sense of total peace that everything would go perfectly, and I’m just so thankful to hear that it did! Thanks so much for posting pictures and updates! God bless you and your 2 BEAUTIFUL babies!!!


Congratulations! We are so very happy for you and the girls are just beautiful. Praise God for his faithfulness and protection over all of you. Keep posting pictures as they grow – the time goes faster than you think! πŸ™‚

Eric and Jennifer

Nate and Ruth, JOY! JOY! Joy!

God is so good. I have been praying since Nancy shared in Bible study. He heard our prayers, Thanks be to God.

Precious little girls……. and like the names (Joy) you have chosen. So much Joy and love to be shared when everyone is home.
I will continue to pray for this wonderful blessing.

God is so GOOD!

Congratulations! Get ready for the deluge of diapers!

I’ll continue to pray for strength and recovery for all.

Praise God for your new little ones! The pictures are awesome! We’ll be praying for you all in the coming days!

Scott and Heather

So happy for the both of you! Your girls are beautiful and their names are so lyrical. Praying for a quick recovery and quick weight gain (for the babies- not Ruth!)

Congratulations!!! Your girls are beautiful. We will continue to pray for all of you and for a quick recovery for Ruth. We are praising God with you!

I’m Nancy’s friend and an ob/gyn. Congratulations! So glad things went well. We have godchildren who are twins. You’re in for some excitement…..VNJ

Our God is an on time God. Everyone looks so healthy and full of Joy. Rebecca and Anna will brings so much happiness to your lives for many year.

My prayers will continue.

Brenda Hiscott
Pinehurst NC

God is so very faithful! From the looks of the fan club and prayer team gathered around the throne, the good Lord couldn’t have ignored our plea. Believing He has great plans for these little gals and I suspect that Anna above is dancing around the throne cheering for her little sisters and mom and dad! REJOICING WITH YOU!!!

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