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First Kids Music Video is Out!

I am so proud of my wife and our kids! Ruth has been writing little songs that she sings to the kids in the car, out and about and around the house. These are catchy little tunes that have been so fun for us to sing as a family, so we decided to go ahead and produce some of these songs to sing with the kids at church. Ruth recently just began leading our children’s ministries “Paz Kids” at church and this was a great kick off for the types of things we want to do with our kids program here in Japan.

We got several of the kids from our church together and went to a nearby park on a Saturday morning to record them singing and dancing to “Praise the Lord.” We were able to use equipment that New Life Christian Church in Morton donated for us to make these types of videos. There was such a great reaction to this video at church and with our Japanese friends here, we can hardly wait to get more of these out! Thank you for your loving support of our family — these kind of things are possible because you are behind us. God bless you!

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