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We’re coming up on three weeks here in Japan, and it’s really amazing all that we accomplished with God’s help. Not only are we mostly settled-in to our place, but we have already done a week of language class. We can already tell that this new life is going to be an extremely busy one. Language classes in the morning while the girls go to preschool and Sarah stays with some short-term missionary friends from church, then homework (the girls and ours!) in the afternoon and church meetings and discipleships at night! Take a look at our new video blog to get a feel of what’s gone on here recently…

Please pray that we find just the right Japanese preschool for the girls (right now they are doing the English-speaking preschool at the church, but we want them not only to learn Japanese, but make Japanese friends). Pray that we can retain all the information we’re getting in class. The classes are very good, and all in Japanese, so there is a wash of new things to learn. We would need to study 3 hours a day to keep up, but as parents of 3 kids and a church to serve, we can’t quite do it all exactly as we’d like to. We need a multiplication of time, energy and efforts! Oh, and we need Sarah to be sleeping all night long.

Heading to church on Mother's Day
Heading to church on Mother’s Day

We are so very excited to be here. There is a sense in the church that God has big plans in store and we’re so excited to be here to serve in this part of the Church’s story in Japan. And as always, we want to thank you for all your love and support, without which we could not be serving the Lord in this way.

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You are such an encouragement for me. I love to watch your videos and pray for you that God will provvide everything you need and deep night sleep for your sweetie. You look so good and enthusiastic serving the Lord . It’s not for everyone to face such a challenge with 3 little ones. I thank God for Pra. Becky and Pr. Paul that are such good parents and grandparents and God’s servent. May God bless you all. Please continue ti share with us. Love you.

What a privilege it is to pray for you and your family on this amazing journey of reaching out to the Japanese people. Can’t wait to see how God’s handiwork unfolds!

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