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Go Time!

August 6: Heaven View Christian Fellowship Church Service, Peoria IL at 5:30 pm
August 7: New Life Christian Church Services, Morton IL
August 14: Sandwich Federated Church Service
August 18: Peoria Area Open House at New Life Christian Church starting at 6pm
August 21: 1st Free Moline Service
August 21: Quad Cities Open House at 1st Free Moline starting at 4 pm

The girls will have 5 weeks off for their summer vacation, and we will be making the most of it! Come see us at one of the these places and times, especially the open houses, as we will be sharing about the exciting things happening in Japan and how God is moving powerfully here. We will have snacks at the Open Houses, so we will be asking for RSVPs if you are planning on coming. We can’t wait for you to meet Joshua and see how the girls have grown up.

Before our big trip to the States, we have a couple of other important trips planned. On April 16 a massive earthquake rocked the southern Japanese island of Kumamoto. It was the largest earthquake ever recorded for that area, and in a moment the lives of everyone living there was turned upside down. Our church sent a team from our DIFLEN (Discipling and Forming Leaders in the Nations) missions’ school down to the area to help and minister to the people. What happened was miraculous. As the team served, God’s love was poured out in such a tangible way that many people gave their lives to Jesus and many were healed. One lady told a team member that she wanted to raise her hand to accept Jesus, but was not physically able to. When they prayed for her healing, she was instantly healed and raised both hands all the way up in the air and started to praise God! Now we are planning a second trip, and I will be going with this team from our church — an international team of missionaries and Japanese church members that will continue to share God’s love in tangible ways. The trip is scheduled for June 16-22. Check out this video we made from our first trip to Kumamoto.

Then on July 9, our family boards a plane for the first time in over 2 years (since we moved to Japan). We are taking to the skies on 14 different flights for 7 weeks of travel. The first few weeks will be spent in Brazil, where Ruth’s brother Paul will be getting married! Around all the festivities planned will be an extended family reunion on Ruth’s side of the family. Then we come back for a busy 4 weeks in the States, including the schedule above and a couple other family reunions on my side of the family.

We can’t thank you enough for all yours prayers and support for us. We can’t wait to tell you some of the things that God has been doing — even recently — and how powerfully lives are being touched here in Japan. And we are all looking forward to a time of catching up, both in Brazil and in the U.S. God bless you! See you soon 🙂

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