Gravy with your truck, anyone?

We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in Brazil, and it was almost 100 degrees – in the shade! Now I can overheat and overeat, all at the same time. My parents (Ken and Joanne Reutter) have a tradition of hosting a big Thanksgiving meal at their house each year – complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and, of course, pie! We sang “We Gather Together” and the Doxology and then Scott Blunier, a fellow missionary, read George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. It was amazing to hear the account of the first Thanksgiving and the strong Christian roots we have in America.

Emotionally, it was a difficult Thanksgiving for Ruth and me. On Thanksgiving, you think of all the things you’re thankful for. We really have so much to be thankful for, but the thing that mattered most to us, we lost. I pictured God leading us off of a ever-climbing mountain to go down into a long, scorching desert of which we cannot see the end. But we trust God’s Word in the midst of these situations and I truly believe He is leading us to an even greater mountain that we could have reached in no other way than by trusting in Him as we pass through the desert.

On Friday morning around 7:20 AM, we heard a great “CRASH” from inside our house. It didn’t sound like an accident to me, we here crazy loud stuff all the time, so I just waived it off. Jeff called me a few moments later and told me to grab my camera. Just up the street from us, a truck veered off the road and went careening into the front porch of Adriano and Carla’s house (our Brazilian dentist and her husband). Fortunately, they were away on a trip, there was no one infront of the house when it happened, and even there 2 dogs were around the side (shivering with fear, but alive!). Even the driver was OK. What a Thanksgiving!

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