Growing Girls & a Great Conference

The last time we wrote, I was getting ready to play for the 2009 MDA Conference and Ruth was growing like crazy (because of two baby girls growing like crazy inside her)! How exciting it is for us to share with you this most recent update:

Ruth and the Girls

Ruth, Rebecca and Anna at their shower (Click to see larger)

Prayer is having a great affect, as both girls and Ruth are in perfect health and the girls continue to grow at a healthy pace. Ruth only has one more month left before our lives change with the blessing of twin girls in our home. Two weeks ago we had a baby shower for Rebecca and Anna at our home after cell group. Our home was PACKED with people and great food. What was on the list of gifts, you may ask? Disposable diapers! We now have enough – for the first couple of weeks, at least.

Click here to see an album of photos from the shower!

Our living room has turned into a multi-purpose room, as it has now become Ruth’s office, bedroom, kitchen and what ever else a pregnant woman does throughout the day! She is allowed to go upstairs only once a day (and that being to go to bed).

Please continue to pray with us for for:

  • Healthy, chubby babies
  • Healthy mother
  • Delivery date after November 20

Best MDA Conference Yet!

I just updated the PAZ website with an article about this years’ MDA Conference – a conference for pastors and leaders wanting to learn the powerful tools we use to win people for the Lord and disciple them well. Over 1,300 pastors from 24 of Brazil’s 27 states descended on Santarém for a life-changing week. We learned so much about disciple-making and cell groups that now we’re busy putting all these things into action. More than anything, we received a greater portion of passion for God and His passion for seeking the lost and making disciples! We’re ready for our next growth explosion!

Pastor Abe teaches about discipleship
Pastor Abe teaches about discipleship

I was honored to be a part of the worship team that lead all the worship for the conference. It was a huge commitment: the whole team participated in a 21 day fast. For 4 weeks we had 4 practices a week – many of them starting at 9 PM and going until midnight. Team members took unpaid vacation, those in school worked ahead – everyone sacrificed to be a part of this team. We focused on developing new songs: music written by several different team members. It was a lot of work!

But to God’s glory it was all worth it, as He blessed us with an anointing like we’d never experienced. Our team was unified as one and the presence of the Lord was felt so strongly, bringing us to our knees on a couple different occasions! Participants of the conference wondered where the new songs came from and were amazed to learn they were from our team! Hundreds asked for our CD, putting into motion a new CD project.

The keys stayed hot all conference long!
The keys stayed hot all conference long!

Click here to see an album of praise & worship pictures from this conference.

This Saturday night we will record all the new music done at the conference live at Aviva Jovem (the young adults service). Afterward, I will begin to record the instrumentalists and vocalists in my studio. By God’s grace, next year we will have a worship CD from the church in Santarém!! How exciting to be here in the middle of the Amazon Jungle at this time when God is working to save so many so powerfully. There is truly no better place to be than in the center of God’s perfect will.

We thank you once again for your continued prayers, love and support. The impact you’re having is great and each day treasures are being stored up in heaven on your behalf. Now click here to read more about the conference at the PAZ site!

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What better thing to do so early in the morning than to “get prayin'” for Ruth, the babies, platelets, and, oh, yes, the babies’ father! Great-Aunt Coralee

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