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Let the Praises Ring

Since my last post I (Nate) have been super busy working on the new praise & worship CD for the PAZ Central Church in Santarém. We have reached the last week of recording and while we are close to finishing, there is still a lot to record (or re-record in some cases). Recording a CD is a lot of work — for example, for the last couple of months I’ve been working on all the arrangements for the songs, recording them as the arrangements were finished. Just to get an idea of how much time it takes, we spent over an hour just recording the base guitar part for a song on Saturday. That’s just one of the instruments on one of eleven songs! It’s a lot of work, but we are getting excited because we can start to hear the final product and are encouraged!

How we record depends on what we're recording.  In this case, we recorded both guitar parts at once.
How we record depends on what we're recording. In this case, we recorded both guitar parts at once.

All the team members have been fasting and praying since the beginning of recording so that we — full of God’s Spirt — can make a CD that honors His Name! I really covet your prayers in these last couple of weeks of the CD production. Next Monday, we will begin the post-production process of mixing and then finally mastering. The CD needs to be ready by the end of May so that we can send it off to be mass-duplicated and have it ready in time for the Congresso in early July!

    Please pray:

  • For God’s blessing and direction on how we prioritize our time and organize these last couple of weeks
  • That the recordings would be full of God’s Spirit
  • God’s blessing on our health, our families and our other responsibilities
  • For the Congresso — that many would come to know and worship Him!

We can’t thank God enough for you — your support, love and prayers that make a difference in all that we do. We look forward to soon announcing the new CD! Also stay tuned to our upcoming announcement on our late summer/early fall furlough schedule, which is near completion! We’d love to see you while we’re back visiting the States in August and September.

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