Live in Tokyo

Thanks to your prayers and support, the challenge of recording our first live worship album in downtown Tokyo has been met head-on and conquered.  Many people excitedly came to church for the very first time as we lifted up the name of Jesus in the heart of Japan.  We had so many challenges along the way.  When we felt God stirring in our hearts about a month ago to mark the event and invest in renting the bigger room, composing the arrangements and promoting the event, we didn’t even have a drummer confirmed.  We prayed and prayed about it and decided not to cancel but trust God to provide a drummer.  God was faithful to open up the schedule of a Japanese church member who is studying in the States who came back to Japan to record with us on his summer break!  Thank you Yota!


Then the work began.  Hours upon hours of preproduction, arranging, practicing and recording.  There were even more recent challenges on our team with health.  Yuji, our Japanese worship leader, battled sickness in his family the entire week before the recording.  Then on this last Friday, my whole family got Pink Eye, myself included!  All these challenges just affirmed to us that we were doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing.  This is much more than just another worship recording.  This is much more than just music.  This is the very worship of God going forth in Japan to break down enemy strongholds centuries old.

Our plan is to release this album by October on CD and online and the videos on YouTube so all the Japanese can see it all over this land.  PLEASE, PLEASE continue to pray.  One major battle is over and conquered.  Now begins another battle and the uphill climb of audio and video editing, overdubbing, correcting, mixing, mastering.  We have copyrights to secure and many other details to attend to.  But most importantly are the lives that are being affected by the worship.  We’re not just here to make worship albums.  That is a means to an end.  We’re here to grow people into worshippers of God.  In a land that worships so many things except the One True God, nothing could be more important.  We love you and thank you for all your support!

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