Living the Dream

Even before getting married, Ruth and I dreamed about having four children.  We’re both from larger families and had such great experiences growing up that way.  We love having a large extended family with lots of cousins and nephews and nieces, and we wanted that for our family as well.  So when the time came to start having kids, we never imagined the kind of trial we would go through to see that dream come to life.

I am amazed at how God works everything out for the good of those who love Him!  We may not ever understand what happened with our first child, but through trusting God in the midst of the storm He has built a faith in us that would see 4 healthy children be born into this world — the most recent and 4th child, a boy.  Joshua Kenneth, named after my father, was born on January 21 here in Japan.  It is the completion of a dream — the faithfulness of God on display in our very lives.

Daddy gets to hold new-born Joshua Kenneth for the first time

Now we adjust to life in Japan with 4 kids.  Having 4 kids in Japan really sticks out.  Two is the most you usually see, and every once-in-a-while you come across a family with three kids.  But four?!  Finding affordable housing in the greater Tokyo area will need a miracle in itself!

And now in April the girls have a new first — they are “graduating” from Kindergarten and moving on into the 1st grade.  It’s almost hard to believe, but Rebecca and Anna will be diving into first year Japanese Elementary school.  They are getting lots of instruction — all day in Japanese, and then when they come home, they are drilled on English words and sounds that mommy and daddy get to teach them.  Piano lessons have also started.  It’s a whole new world for these precious princesses!  We are so proud of them.

Thank you for support over the last several years.  You have accompanied us on this journey so far, and we couldn’t thank you more for all your loving words of encouragement, your financial gifts, your passionate prayers — but most of all thank you for giving us your hearts, which we have sensed has always been with us.  All that we go through in life builds a persevering faith.   It is the kind of faith that can be applied to any dream that God gives.  It’s that kind of faith that not only brings life, but sustains it by God’s amazing promises until it grows into the full purpose that God has for it.  It’s the kind of faith God is building in us to not only build our family, but to be applied to the families of the world, that they might also discover and live God’s purposes for them.  I can’t imagine a more fulfilling or purposeful life!


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