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Well, we just continue to receive rain – lot’s of it – night after night it seems. We’ll see where it leads, hopefully it doesn’t last much longer, because the water is dangerously close to going over the orla (riverwalk & barrier) downtown. All the storm sewers have already backed up, meaning all the rain we receive doesn’t drain anywhere, just pools downtown (that’s where all the water is coming from). The biggest threat would be if the river went over the orla, it would completely devastate the downtown area. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

The "Venice" of Brazil!
The Venice of Brazil!

In the ribeirinhos (river villages), it’s even worse. There are entire villages under water- homes, schools, churches and all. I just posted a video to to show the amazing challenge many Brazilians face. Life is certainly anything but dull at the moment- except for Ruth, who stays confined at home, taking it easy and treating the twins well!

Pumps and walkways are in full use
Pumps and walkways are in full use

Don’t forget that you can click any one of these pictures to see them larger – and you’ve just got to do that with this next great shot!

The stork is practicing his visit to our house!
The stork is practicing his visit to our house!

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I just can’t believe how much water there is! Silvia showed me a bunch of pics from downtown.
The stork is just great!

Last week the news reported that 19 people lost their lives and gave a lower figure for the number of people homeless. You can see two such articles here and here. And these articles really only address Brazil’s well developed North-East coast. It gets very 3rd world once you enter the basin and jungle, and so many people live along the river that it has affected everyone who lives on the river.

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