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My Extra Leap-Year Day

Praise the Lord, this year we have an extra day in our year. While celebrating Jack’s one-year birthday (my cousin Debbie’s son, and he’s actually been on earth for 4 years), we have some big plans for this extra 24 hours of time given to us. Here’s what we’ll be up to:

The Elijah Prayer Chain

Our local church has an awesome and challenging goal this year: for each and every one of our nearly 7,000 cell groups to multiply. To do that, each group needs to be effectively inviting, winning, integrating new people and training up new leaders. That puts pressure on each cell group leader to develop a healthy cell group that will multiply. Ruth and I lead a cell group every Wednesday at 7:30 as well as oversee 7 other groups. Our goal is to have 16 groups by the end of the year! God is the only one who can give those kinds of results, so we just recently called our disciples and sector (our 8 cell groups) to a 7-week period of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter. Based on 1 Kings 18:41-44, we’re calling the time “The Elijah Prayer Chain.” Elijah had God’s Word that it would rain after 3 1/2 years of being dry, but even so, he had to take hold of that promise through prayer. Seven times (for us weeks) he prayed until his servant told him that a little cloud was coming and it was about to rain. Pray with us as we seek the Lord during this time, to see Him do the amazing work in and through us to see more people won, discipled and raised up as next generation leaders!

The church was recently packed for 2 services of members contributing to the new Cathedral project.
The church was recently packed for 2 services of members contributing to the new Cathedral project.

2nd Paz Church CD

Our 2nd church CD is underway, and all the songs have been approved for production! The first CD was quite successful, selling nearly 10,000 copies (quite good considering the rampant piracy here) and being used in many different churches. We are producing all original songs for this new CD, and I have been busy over the last number of months working on the arrangements. I am excited about the songs which come from several different writers in the church (including myself) — many have to do with our vision of cell groups and discipleship. This week we will be moving into the recording phase of the project — having each musician come in and record their parts. I have until the beginning of April to finish the project, so pray for effective time-management, creativity and a great finish to this CD.

Our team recording "Sobrenatural" ("Supernatural") in my studio.
Our team recording "Sobrenatural" ("Supernatural") in my studio.

Weddings and Trips

We recently bought our tickets for our family to be in the States in May and June. My brother Jed as well as Ruth’s sister Debbie will be getting married, so we are going back to participate and cheer them on! Our furlough was marked for next year, however since we are going back, we will take advantage of our time and visit friends, family and supporting churches. We are really looking forward to travels in the States, visiting and getting a little hard-earned vacation time! We still could use a mini-van, SUV or full-size car for our 2 months in the States. If you are able to provide one, please let us know.

We appreciate you so much and truly count on your prayers and support to continue to thrive here in Brazil. Your ministry to us continues to open up ministry here in Brazil! Be blessed!

Nate, for Ruth and the girls

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Thanks for your updates, God is blessing your ministry, It is a blessing for us to be
able to give to your ministry and to pray for you. We will be praying that your
travel plans will all work out. What a beautiful blessing you have in your two
adorable twins, we love the pictures. John & Donna

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