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Our New Life with Rebecca & Anna (Video)

Here’s a fun, quick video of our twins, Rebecca and Anna. Welcome to our fun new life! It involves a whole lot of baby time like this – it’s 2 full-time jobs. Fortunately our cell group meets in our house, our disciples come here for discipleship, my current work with PAZ involves all kinds of creative work (website, video, etc) I can do from home. And best of all, we can meet with God wherever we are. In other words- we hardly leave the house, except for when I go to church for meetings, practices and worship on Sunday! But God has sure blessed us with this work that we can do from our home! Enjoy this cute video!

And those are earrings you see! Yes, here in Brazil, all little girls have earrings as soon as they’re born. We waited until they were both healthy before piercing their ears, but now they’re all ready for a girly life in Brazil.

Be praying for continued growth and better sleeping and eating patterns. Right now they sleep for 3 hours straight at night (on a good night) until they wake up and need to be fed. So mom and dad don’t get a lot of sleep. And then they are full-time work for 2 people during the day. I (Nate) will be launching a brand new PAZ site with videos and lots of great new content in the next month or so. After that, I will be starting a big worship CD project with the church. Actually, it’s already started, they’re just waiting for me to start recording!

And in the midst of all of this, we never forget our primary God-given purpose- make disciples! We plan to multiply our cell group early April, which means lots of visiting, sharing Christ, starting discipleships and developing leaders. Whew! But with God’s help, we can do everything He’s called and equipped us to do. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. They continue to have a big impact in and through us!

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How wonderful to be able to see your girls….and I think that at 2:02 into your video is the sweetest part..that little almost wink and smile will charm everyone will have to keep that forever…..God Bless you both or God Bless you Four!!

That’s no joke! That happens about twice a year, and at least it ends around 10 PM (the music). But then we have the Yacht Club right down the road from us that blares music even louder and until 5 AM. It sounds like it’s coming straight into our bedroom at night. That’s part of life in Brazil, unfortunately.

It’s good to see them growing healthy. Congrats on your Nov 9th Girls. It was a great day to have a baby(s)!

Ahhhh, yes! The early days of twins life. I laughed when I read about you not going out much these days…it will go by fast and maybe be somewhat of a blur:) They are precious and glad you have survived this far–“sleep when they sleep” but it usually never fails that when one is fast asleep the other one needs something. Nate, Lee was recalling how he has helped me so much through all of the babies and then we laughed, how there isn’t much option but for him to help–you need both of your for the job and gift of twins πŸ™‚ Praying you’ll be granted some sleep…it makes everything seem a little more manageable.

Love the video!! The girls are SOOO CUTE! What a huge blessing to see them on the video…it was touching to see how Ruth rocks them to sleep! i will be praying for more sleep and a schedule that comes together at the same time!!:) We love you guys!

That’s a really cute video. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s good to see the girls are doing so well and I know they are getting tons of love from you guy’s. You are awesome parents! We are praying for you guy’s. Thanks for keeping us involved in your lives. We miss you and can’t wait to visit!

Such a sweet video! Praying you will get some rest and sleep soon. Thanks for sharing this special time with us!

Nate and Ruth,
Found the video! It is darling. What treasures you have…in such adorable bundles! I love the way you are outside in sleeveless clothes. I’m so jealous! We’ve had more snow this week with more to come in the next 2 days! Maybe spring will come early this year. LOL. Nate, tell your mom I’ll see Leslie this weekend at the shower for another niece from Naperville. The party will be here in the QCA. All is going well at church. But we do need a worship leader….! Take care. God bless. Lynn

Hello. With our slow internet connection here in southern Brazil (CLM), we watched the beginning of the video many times before we could watch the end. Caleb (20 months) really liked seeing the girls and said “nenΓͺ” over and over in such a sweet voice. Maybe someday our bilingual babies will be able to meet and talk. Until then, keep on pressing on in your callings as parents and disciplers! (among other things, of course)

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