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Our Video Testimony

As hard as the transition to the mission-field was, it never prepared us for what we would go through after arriving. But how God moved through the tragedy gives hope to everyone experiencing hard times.

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Just watched your video. Love how they captured your story. I’m so glad God has used your loss to help comfort others and point them to the true Comforter. Thank you for sharing!

Such a beautifully heart-wrenching & joyful story. I remember that day and the emotions I felt after IM’ing with you via Skype for the few months before the delivery date… Thanks for sharing this part of your lives and being so vulnerable. I just know God will use it to heal others.

Such a touching video as well as a marvelous testimony of God’s grace in your lives. I remember well the time of Rebecca Anna’s immediate Homegoing at her birth; shocking and so heart wrenching. But to God be the glory–great things He has done….and continues to do. Enjoyed spending time with you this summer and will keep you in our prayers. Hugs, Aunt Ann & Uncle Jim

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