Pray at 7PM Eastern – A Promise Blooms!

What started out as a leisurely lunch quickly turned into excitement/panic/excitement! We received a phone call from Ruth’s doctor that the c-section has been scheduled for tonight, Monday at 9 PM, 7 PM Eastern!! He felt it was important enough to schedule the surgery even before getting Ruth’s blood work back later today. We are asking everyone to take some time out at 7PM Eastern tonight to lift Ruth and the babies up in prayer!

Last day with the twins inside!
Last day with the twins inside!

We have peace about having the babies now, even though we originally would have liked to wait until the Nov 20. Ruth was having several Braxton-Hicks contractions yesterday, and after talking to several doctors involved with Ruth’s delivery, we see God’s hand in it all. We cannot risk any real contractions since Ruth’s last c-section was just a little over a year ago. We also just learned that 3 more incubators were added to the local regional hospital, so if we need them, they’ll be there. We’re praying that we don’t, but praise God they’re there.

We continue to trust in Him and ask you to pray with us for:

  • A smooth surgery
  • high platelet count for Ruth so she can have a spinal block and not general anesthesia – we get the blood test results back this afternoon
  • healthy baby girls with no need for incubators or any other complications
  • Ruth’s quick recovery and no need for blood transfusions

A second promise flower - marking the end of one journey and the beginning of another

Yesterday, on the very same day that Ruth went full-term with her twins, something very special happened. In our backyard, two flowers bloomed from one plant. The promise flower came back! Just as a rainbow serves as a reminder that God will never again destroy the earth by a flood, these flowers reminded us of God’s promise to us! In the darkest hour of our lives God gave us a symbol of hope, and now, right before the completion of that promise, He reminds us of His faithfulness. What a wonderful God we have! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to see a double-flower again without welling up with emotion and gratitude to God.

Read the original story behind the Promise Flower here (it’s a post from last year right after losing Anna Rebecca).

7PM tonight, the promise blooms. Be praying!

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we are praying, and will continue to until we hear the good news!!!

How exciting! The Lord drew me to your magnet on our fridge and I immediately prayed and now viewed your blog – I will be in prayer now and through the evening, especially 7 Eastern. Can’t wait to hear these precious little ones are here!

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