Pray for Platelets!

The time for the twins to be born is rapidly approaching! The most recent ultrasound on the twins show that they continue to be healthy and grow: Anna at 1.85 kilos (about 4 pounds) and Rebecca at 2.4 kilos (about 6 pounds). We pray that they will continue to grow and stay in the womb until November 20, when they will be 38 weeks along.

Our biggest request right now is for Ruth’s platelet count, which is low and continues to drop. She’s been having regular blood tests to keep an eye on it, and recently they have gone quite low. Our doctor has ordered more blood tests on Monday, and if they are lower yet, Ruth will be scheduled for her c-section on Tuesday! Although the twins would be fine if born now, we would like to see them stay in even longer and see Anna get a little more weight. We would also like to see Ruth completely healthy!

Let’s pray for an increase in Ruth’s platelets by Monday – for her health and for the babies. We praise God for these miraculous babies and thank you for all your prayers and support. Now let’s get prayin’!

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Thank the Lord for the continued good health of Ruth and the growth of Anna and Rebecca. We’ll keep you in our prayers for Ruth’s platelets to go UP!
Love, Uncle Jim & Aunt Ann

Oh, Father, thank you for all you’ve done for Nate and Ruth. Thank you for how much you love them and Anna and Rebecca. Please keep those babies in the womb till the time’s just right and restore Ruth’s platelet count to a healthy number. We’re “count”ing on You! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Fique Fiel! Gloris

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