Ruth’s Getting There!

Good news- we got Ruth’s test results back and her white blood cell count went down from almost 25,000 to around 15,000. Praise God! The plasma treatment and change of antibiotics seems to have made a tremendous difference, and now we will continue in the same line of treatment until everything is normal again. The doctor said this could mean staying in the hospital until Saturday. Even though that’s a lot longer than we would like, we are very thankful that not only are the test results looking better, but Ruth is feeling much better as well. We thank you for all of your prayers, they are making a powerful difference.

Emotionally, we’re hanging in there. As life goes on, there are more and more things that remind us that Anna is gone – and it’s good to deal with them as they come up, but it also hurts a lot. Today Becky’s sister-in-law Christine Huber arrived in Santarém to spend some time with us. It was a real healing time to cry and laugh together, telling stories of good memories. I shared with them that I prefer the way things happened than for Ruth to have never become pregnant and for us to never have known Anna Rebecca. I must agree with Alfred Lord Tennyson who said “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Because not only was she our precious daughter (reason enough in itself), but she has made my life better – I’m a more broken, humble, dependent man on God and others, and a good portion of my heart already lies in heaven. What a great motivation to make the most of my life here on earth while I still can! Let’s remain faithful to the calling and never, ever doubt the goodness of God.

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We are so glad to hear that Ruth is doing better. Thanks for the post. We continue to lift you up in prayer. You are truly an amazing family and we are so blessed to know you.

God is good!

Erik, Bree & Josie

Once again, you’ve humbled and challenged me by your faithfulness. It almost seems inadequate for me to say that “I’m praying for you” since your faith has been shining so brightly over the past several days.

I’m very glad to hear about Ruth’s progress, and that Christine made it safely top visit.

Even though I don’t feel worthy, it’s still true: I’m praying for you guys every day.

We are so glad to hear Ruth is feeling better. We continue to pray for you both.

Praise God for His healing touch – both for Ruth physically, and for the 2 of you emotionally. You are on our hearts and prayers continually. We are SO encouraged by your words – you constantly remind us how good God truly is! We’ll pray for Ruth to go home by Saturday! Keep your heart in the Father’s grasp! Prov. 3:5-6
Much love to you all!!

Nate & Ruth
We have been praying from the time we heard about your beautiful Anna. Thank you Nate for keeping us up to date on all that has happened there in Santarém. It is clear to see that God is working in your lives. We will continue to pray for God’s blessings on you both, both emotionally and physically.
We love you
Jim & Sharron

I’ve been checking on your website every day since Saturday and am happy to see that Ruth is better. Our prayers for you never cease. Love, Aunt Coralee

Hey there. We prayed for you and Ruth tonight in my small group. Your response to this disappointment is an encouragement and a good reminder of the gospel. God is good.

Nate & Ruth:

First of all, SO GLAD and SO THANKFUL! that Ruth is feeling better. I remember the part about not being able to leave until the bowels moved and hey, I couldn’t have a Whitey’s shake until then either, so don’t think that wasn’t some motivation! But I am praying for you each morning in devotions and for the Brazilian people! Praise God for this couple and who knows who else and what else God has in store. Personnally Nate, I am awaiting a really cool piano/vocal/solo piece that will come from your heart through God. I love listening to your CD and I had that thought yesterday. Know that we have you in our thoughts and prayers! God’s Blessings to you both!

In Him,
Kevin & Laura & Liz

Oh, it’s good to see a smile on your faces and to hear that Ruth is much improved–thank you God! We will continue to keep you close in thought and prayer.
Love you, Uncle Jim & Aunt Ann

I am so happy to see you all smiling. I’ve also had all of my friends praying for you both. So I just figured I would let you know Oxford England is praying for Ruth to get better and for continued healing for you both.



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