Ruth’s Home!!!!

Ruth’s home!!! We got her test results back, and even though she’s not nearly completely recovered, she was good enough to be released. It was a bittersweet trip (mostly sweet) as we pulled out of the hospital and tears came to our eyes as we remembered the happy return trip from the hospital we had planned – a trip with Anna Rebecca. But praise God, we’re moving on and this is a big step forward in the overall healing process.

As Ruth continues to recover at home, we’ll now be confronting little reminders of all the plans we had. It’s hard but necessary, sad but we have hope. We are so thankful to be home and know that God will be healing our hearts, bodies and lives – and what’s more is there is a wonderful future ahead of us. We’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress, as we so covet your continually prayers. Praise God for this most excellent day!

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Praise the Lord! Thank you for keeping up the blog. It is so encouraging to hear how God is working in your life as you heal from such a heartbreak. God IS near to the brokenhearted and you two are proof that God is doing a work in your life. May He always get the glory!

PTL Thank you for the encouraging update and we WILL continue to keep you both in our prayers as your life continues with Him.
God Bless you both !

Nate and Ruth,
I am so glad you are both back at home and that Ruth is recovering well. I will continue to pray for you all.

Hurrah! Thank you Lord! It is bittersweet to be going home without Anna Rebecca and we pray that when your arms feel especially empty, you will be filled with God’s comfort and love. May many more be added to His kingdom through your powerful testimony. “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” John 14:18

You’ve been in many people’s thoughts here in Indiana. I’m so glad that you are home now. Something we’ve been singing in choir is the song “Count it all joy!” It’s based on James 1. I’ve been reading it lately. I have NO idea how God is going to use this experience, but we are called to count suffering joy. You both have displayed more courage and strength than I ever think I could muster. We will keep praying for you. Much love!!!

Nate and Ruth,

You have been on my heart constantly, and I am so glad to hear that you are back at home together. I keep claiming Jeremiah 29:11 as I think about you, and rest in the comfort that our great God has plans to “…prosper you and not to harm you…Plans to give you hope and a future.” With best wishes, fervent prayers, and many hugs from far away…

Nate and Ruth, I must confess that I had not checked your website in a couple of weeks but have often thought of you and was thinking you must have had that baby by now. So I came on to see how everything went. Of course, I have been struck by this news of Anna’s passing. But the thing that stood out to me the most is that in all the pictures, Ruth, you are smiling. You have a level and understanding of God’s peace that I pray I can share one day. Here I thought we all should be ministering to you during this time and I see you ministering to others through this ordeal (including myself). And I also wanted to share with you that as I read Anna’s story, I held my daughter, Anna, 5 months old on my lap and when she saw the pictures of your Anna her face lighted up and she was smiling and laughing. How wonderful it is that children do not mourn as we tend to do, but can immediately see God’s beauty shine through any storm. Anna obviously has so many family and friends down here on earth who cannot wait to meet her in heaven, and now she has one more little baby wishing to know her more. As a parent, I cannot imagine going through your trial, but I can see God is with you and so are my prayers.

God Bless,

welcome home ruth!!!
the lord has already welcomed anna home too!
he has welcomed ruth home on earth and anna home in heaven!
our prayers are with you and yours
love connie & kirby
what inspiration you have given us!

RUTH! So glad to hear you are doing better. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you rest and recover well, enjoy the comforts of home. much love to the both of you.

Vocês são lindos!
Nate faz uns comentários em português!!Sei que somos a minoria aqui, mas amamos vocês e sempre vejo seu blog!hihi

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