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Sing a Song of Travelin’

We just got back from a wonderful time with family in the States. In a little under 4 weeks, we participated in 3 family reunions, drove nearly 5,000 miles, and made tons of great memories. Ruth’s grandparent’s (her dad’s parents) celebrated their 80th/90th birthdays by getting the whole family together in West Virginia. Next, the immediate Hrubik family all got together in Orlando to shop and go to Disney for a day — a great gift from our friends in Orlando! The next week we took the exact same drive back up to West Virginia for the Reutter family reunion. We thank God for our awesome families and are so thankful for these rare opportunities for us to be all together.

Rebecca and Anna trying out new clothes.  They have their mother's genes.
Rebecca and Anna trying out new clothes. They have their mother's genes.

But even as we arrive here in Brazil, things never slow down! Today begins the annual 3-night evangelistic event, Congresso da Paz and we are preparing for thousands of lives to be touched, healed and saved! Our Paz worship team will be ministering. We are excited and ready with new songs for our future CD 🙂 Our team will then be traveling in mid-July to Fortaleza to do a worship conference there — ministering praise & worship as well as talking about worship in the MDA vision of cell groups & discipleship. When I say “we,” I mean me and the team — Ruth stays in Santarém to take care of the girls. Then in August we will travel to southern Brazil as we have been invited to lead worship for a large MDA conference there. We are excited and humbled by the opportunities coming our way to minister all over Brazil and I believe it is only the beginning of great and exciting things God has for us in His perfect plan!

Once again we thank you for all your prayers and support, which make all we do possible! Let’s pray for a great Congresso together!

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What a great trip! Wish we could’ve seen you guys and met your beautiful daughters, but maybe that’s God telling us it’s about time we planed a trip down south… 🙂

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