Some think twin boys, others think…

Mom of twin girls presenting her TV program, Mais Que Vencedores

I hear there seems to be a guessing game going as to the sex of the babies, not only here in Brazil but also back up north! Well, no need to guess or wonder anymore, because today we went to the doctor for an ultrasound, and she said that we have twin girls! God’s just showing off His goodness now 🙂

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Recently, Ruth has been having so many dreams about boys that she wasn’t quite sure what to expect at all. Both grandmas (Becky and Joanne) went along to the doctor’s office to find out the news the moment it was available. Ruth and her mom are planning on preparing the nursery while I’m away for a month in the States.

My plans for the States are coming together. Here’s how they stand for the moment:

  • Aug 3

    Meeting with Missions Team in Geneseo, IL

  • Aug 5-15 3 Family reunions! (Reutter extended, Reutter and Phillips)
  • Aug 16
  • Visit 1st Free in Moline
  • Aug 23 Visit Crosspoint in Eureka
  • Sep 1 Leave for Brazil

So that’s the skeleton of the plan, and it keeps filling in more. I look forward to seeing so many of you and I am praying for a wonderful time of fellowship with the short amount of time I have. But remember, next year the whole family visits- Lord willing, with our twin girls!!

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Congratulations to you all! I love little boys, but am partial to little girls – and they just love to wrap their daddy’s heart around their little fingers with a look or a smile or even a sigh! Ruth, you look fabulous! god is SO good! Take care.

God is SO good! We are praising along with you! God is good all the time; all the time God is good!

I’m SO excited for you!! Wow, God is sure good! I hope I will be there when they’re born 🙂

I am so happy for you guy’s it will make it easier for me to bring things for you. I plan to bring a double stroller and some clothing what else can I bring or would you rather have something else??? the Utt’s

Twin girls–how exciting! We praise God for His goodness. We look forward to seeing you, Nate, and will keep you and Ruth in our prayers. Now for the fun of shopping for frills and all the “girly” things! Our love, Uncle Jim & Aunt Ann

Congratulations guys, we are so excited for you–girls (& boys) are so wonderful!! Jaelah is checking this out with me, she wants to know HOW you know you’re having girls :), she says she likes Ruth’s dress & necklace in the picture, and she likes the background too—Ruth you look great! We’ll continue praying for you all,
Matt & Janelle, Mariah, Jaelah, Luke, & Sierra

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