Starting a Movement

Our cell group at the multiplication

We just celebrated a milestone: the multiplication of our cell group! All multiplications are amazing, but this one had a special significance to us here in Japan. You see, in a little over two years our cell group grew from a couple of people to nearly the size of an average Japanese church (30 people)! At our multiplication party we gave an opportunity for each member to share what the cell group has meant to them, and as each and every person spoke of how God was changing them, I could see God’s hand of grace and purpose at work. I came away from that night with a conviction that God was raising up each and every person to make a difference in this time and this place, despite our deficiencies in so many areas. This is the start of a movement here in Japan, because other groups just like ours are also growing and multiplying in our church. We also hear reports of other churches being stirred up in intensified prayer for the nation. The legend about Japan being a hard place to minister is about to change! The cell groups that healthy leaders plant all over this nation will act as a bridge for people to meet Jesus. What an amazing privilege to be a part of building God’s body here in Japan!

Each new cell group had such a great start after our first week meeting separately that I believe we can multiply again this year!

Making Memories

We were also excited by an unexpected visit earlier this year — Dad and Mom (Ken and Joanne) Reutter were able to visit us for 4 weeks over the girls’ spring vacation. They got a little over one week off before their new school year started in early April and the second grade began. They get so little time off in the year that we wanted to take full advantage of it (a little over a week for spring, 4 weeks for summer and 2 weeks for winter). And we sure did! We enjoyed time together at SeaWorld as well as skiing for the first time on Mount Fuji (thanks to Grandpa and Grandma’s help). Check out this video from our time together— I’m sure you’ll have a chuckle or two. And as always, thanks for all of your love and support! The Gospel is going out and changing people in Japan because of this partnership together!

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