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The First Moments

The clock was about to strike midnight.  The place was packed for a very unique New Year’s Celebration — the tradition of bringing in the New Years on our knees, as a church, seeking the Lord and thanking Him for the previous year of provision, growth and blessing.  As we gave the first moments of the year to the Lord, we are thrilled at the thought of what He is going to do this year.  His promise in Proverbs 3:9 —

Honor God with everything you own;
give him the first and the best.
Your barns will burst,
your wine vats will brim over.

As we entered the New Year with excitement, we thought about God’s grace in 2011.  Just this last year in Santarém we

  • Planted over 60 churches
  • Grew to over 6,800 cell groups
  • Won over 7,000 for the Lord

We also recently hosted a very special team from my brother’s church, Crossroads Baptist, in Fort Myers FL.  We had a great time with them as we spent a week putting up the roof and a brand new PAZ church along the Amazon river!  Then Jed stayed on for Christmas after the team left and his girlfriend Susan and our sister Hannah came down to spend time with us.  During that time, we planned a special outing up the mountain in Alter do Chão where Jed pulled out a diamond ring and asked “Will You Marry Me?!”  Oh yeah, it happened!  Nice work Jed.

Work well-done is work for the Kingdom of God that lasts forever and ever.

So, what’s in store for 2012?  Just off the top of my head:

  • Production of the church’s 2nd worship CD
  • Multiplication of our cell groups and discipleship of their leaders
  • A visit near you May/June
  • Traveling and ministering in Brazil
  • More movie productions for PAZ and!

If you have a mini-van/SUV that you would be willing to lend us during our 2-months in the States, we would very much appreciate it. We will be doing a good amount of driving in the Midwest and some on the East Coast. Just shoot us an email, contact us or reply to this post.

We praise God for your involvement with us and wish God’s best for you in 2012.  Now check out the pictures from our exciting year end: a baptism of nearly 1,500 people, a week-long river trip to build a church, and fun time with family!  Oh yes, and the girls wheeling their way on their little bikes.  Click the first picture to start the slideshow or click any picture to see it full size.

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Nate–wow, what a great site…excellent job! So many good pictures. We can hardly wait to see you in a few months. To God be the glory, great things He has done! God bless you as you labor for Him!

Thanks — we also can hardly wait! What good memories we will make!

Yes Great news and pictures. I love the thought of bringing in a New year on your knees. What does the sign say above the kids titled showing off gifts.

Thanks — it takes all of that to say that it’s a school! Almost every word is an abbreviation and at the end is the head teacher’s name. How about that for a long school name!

Nate, what wonderful pictures! They tell us your story and show the Lord’s work so beautifully. Great praise to Him! Look forward to seeing you all in May!

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