The Paperback Reutter

Here’s our 2010 Holiday edition of our snail-mail newsletter, the Paperback Reutter. It’s packed with pictures and recaps our year in family and ministry — and what a great year it’s been! So much has happened through our partnership in missions. Just take a look!

Click to download the Paperback Reutter
Click to download the Paperback Reutter

Also included in this newsletter is a tear-off response card. With the addition of 2 lovely members to our family, we are looking to also add to our support base. Your support is what allows us to live here in Brazil and minister the Gospel to many who have never heard. It’s an awesome opportunity and we extend it to you. The response to the Gospel here in Brazil is tremendous and now is the time to act! Read the letter to see how to act, or simply click below to make a tax-deductible donation through Project AmaZon. So many have already partnered with us and we thank each and every one of you for the way you are blessing us and the Brazilian people. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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Olá Nate,Estivemos na conferência em 2009…
Tenho acompanhado o seu blog (linkei no nosso)
Neto e Carla
Igreja da Paz – Barueri/SP

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