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The Surprise of a Lifetime

Earlier this year I received an email from my youngest sister stating a fact that was soon to come true: Dad (Ken) Reutter was about to turn 70. I could hardly believe dad was turning 70 β€” I can remember him turning 40 (and now I’m about to)! What would we do for him for his 70th that would be memorable?

One idea quickly stood out among the other options: for all of the Reutter siblings to come back to Peoria for a weekend together. May 12 lined up in everyone’s schedules. The tickets were affordable. The plans started to come together. We decided to make it a surprise. We let mom Reutter in on it, to help us plan the whole event and pull it off.

As the day came closer and closer, we got more and more excited. We as Reutter siblings very rarely have a chance to be all together, so this was going to be very special. Dad had no clue! The excitement of landing in Peoria the night before the surprise was so great I was laughing to myself at what was about to take place. What would happen the next day would make dad declare this “the best present I ever received!”

For all of you dads out there (like me), I want to encourage you: live and lead your family by the Word of God. There is no greater inheritance you can pass on to your children than that of a real relationship with God lived day-in day-out. The fruit of this one decision alone has the power to alter your future and the future of your family. These kinds of legacies are ones worth building, celebrating and sharing! God bless you!

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