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Feeding time at the zoo
Feeding time at the zoo (click these pictures to see them full-size)
The girls just get cuter and cuter as each day passes. They have started eating a little cereal and have learned how to spit (a sputtery spit that sends food everywhere)! Ruth has learned the hard way that they need to be in their diapers when they eat otherwise their clothes are a mess (even with a bib). We have gotten into a good routine during the day and the girls are taking great naps – now we need to work on our night-time sleep. At their 5-month appointment, Rebecca weighed in at 5.82 kilos and Anna at 5.00 kilos! (Math majors: multiply by 2.2 to figure out what that is in pounds) Praise the Lord, our little ones are growing!

Plans for our late-summer trip to the States are coming together, and soon we will be posting our schedule. We’re really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible and bringing what some missionaries refer to as “the twins show” to the States.

Heads Up!
Heads Up!

New PAZ Website

After several months of work, we just recently launched the new PAZ website. The new site is full of great stories and pictures and tells the PAZ story in a whole new way. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out and be encouraged by all that God is doing through your partnership with us here in the Amazon!

Some of you saw the photo-book “In the Amazon” I made when I was back in the States last summer. Well, now it’s been adapted into a photo book we’re using for a great PAZ brochure which you can download as a part of the PAZ Pack on the website. For those of you who enjoy beautiful pictures and a good story, this is not to miss! Click here to download.
A page from the photo-book "PAZ Picture exPerience"

Singing of God’s Glory

Last October was the first year that the worship team at the PAZ Central church (of which I participate) was asked to lead the worship for the National MDA Conference (read about that conference here). Weeks before the conference, our team prayed, fasted and rehearsed together. God honored our requests and the worship was very anointed. Our pastors and leadership received so much positive feedback from that conference that it set in motion plans to write and produce new songs, record a CD and launch it regionally at this years’ Congresso da Paz in early July (a huge 3-night evangelistic event — click here to read about it) and nationally at the MDA Conference in mid-October (which we will be leading again).

Part of our outstanding worship team!
Part of our outstanding worship team!
Last December I was asked to produce the CD. Now that the new website has been launched, work on the CD has begun with fervor. We have already begun praying, fasting and rehearsing our new songs. Several song-writers from the PAZ church have been chosen to have music on the CD, and I will arrange and orchestrate the music. Afterwards, I pass it along to our musicians and singers to learn. A number of songs are well on their way, but with 2 months to get all of the work done, there’s still a lot to do. I really covet your prayers for continued blessing in this effort!

Kingdom of God in 1st Place

At God’s heart is people and His will that none should perish but all have eternal life. He has called each and everyone of us to be disciple-makers. If we’re not making disciples, it doesn’t matter if we have great websites or great worship ministries, we’re missing the very heart of God for mankind. Here at PAZ, we have the amazing vehicle of cell groups and one-on-one discipleship that prioritizes this church-wide. Ruth and I continue to work with our cell group and disciples. We want to see our group grow through winning new people for Christ and then integrate them into our group. This is the cry of our hearts: that we could be fruitful followers of Christ, impacting and loving the people God has put under our care. Please pray with us that we would win the people we’re going after for Christ and integrate them into our group. Pray that our current helpers would respond to God’s calling in their lives to make disciples and commit to leading future cell groups. Pray that we can multiply our group in July!

Our cell group is filling up with kids — future pastors, missionaries and world changers!
Our cell group is filling up with kids — future pastors, missionaries and world changers!

And as always, we continually thank God for you and your ministry to us with your faithful prayers and support, without which we could not be here having an eternal impact. May God richly bless you and your family!

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