Time’s Up!

Today is my last day to get things in order before going to the States! Why’s that? Tomorrow, a team from one of our churches in the States, New Life Christian Church in Morton, will be coming down to help us build a new church! We’re super excited to have them down here. Our destination is near Monte Alegre, a smaller town down the Amazon River where PAZ has a base. It will be my first time there, so I’m looking forward to our trip down the river. It has been super hot, which will make for some hard but fulfilling work!

For my trip to the States, I would like to see if anyone has a car available that I could borrow from around Saturday, August 15 to Wednesday, September 2. During those two and a half weeks I will be in Moline for about a week, then in the Peoria area for about a week. My grandparents live in Northern Illinois, so there will be a couple of trips there as well – but all local trips within norther/central Illinois, nothing major! If you can help, please click here to contact me.

We really covet your prayers over the next couple of weeks, as I will be traveling a lot and Ruth will be home alone! I’m really looking forward to building a new church and visiting the States, but the thought of leaving Ruth behind for a month is not a happy one. Let’s keep praying for her complete health and the health of the babies. Pray for me and all my travels as well, that I would have good health and great visits with friends and family. You are such a blessing to us! God bless! ??????????? ????????????

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