About the Reutters

I was born and raised near Chicago, Illinois. Ruth, although American, grew up along the muddy banks of the Amazon River. I studied engineering and music, she studied pre-med and counseling. When we first met, it was love at first sight — well, for me, but not for her! But after some time and a lot of persuasion, she came around, we got married and life has never been the same since. We have had some amazing experiences, some very high highs and extremely low lows. Having lived on three different continents, our family has grown with each international move we have made.

In April of 2014 we embarked on a new adventure: living in Japan. The culture, language and lifestyle of Japan is one of the furthest things from our own, and just doing simple things can be quite a learning experience. In America, you have aisles of cereal; in Japan? Aisles of ramen. Welcome to the land of the Rising Sun where you need a thorough education to read what is written and where some customs go back to near the time of Christ. This is a land that is very special to us and very special to God. We are ambassadors of the love and joy of Jesus and we’re glad you’re here!