Stretch and GrOw

So, what did we do after having 3 conferences in a row? We went to a 4-day family conference with speakers Jeff & Becky Hrubik (Ruth’s parents)! That’s right, 4 conferences in a row- for the most part the whole month of January was conferences. Conferences are great, but now we’re thankful that our next conference isn’t until Feb 20. The only difference with this conference compared to the others: Ruth and I are the speakers!! It’s a youth conference at our PAZ base in Rio Branco, located in the Amazon Basin near the border of Bolivia and Peru.

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It’s thrilling and scary to think that we’ll not only be preparing around 10 sessions of material, but we will be teaching it Portuguese! That’s no big deal for Ruth, but for me it will be a huge stretch. We certainly covet your prayers for the conference. PAZ churches hold youth camps and retreats all over the Amazon during the weekend of Carnival to provide a good alternative to the otherwise spiritually destructive weekend. We have plenty of great things to say, so it’ll be a matter of putting it all together and presenting it well.

The PAZ Church where I will be speaking about Worship Ministries

Not only we will be speaking at this conference, but the Saturday before this (Feb 14 or Valentine’s Day in the states), I will be speaking at a local PAZ church to the worship teams about developing their worship ministries. All of these opportunities have come up since the recent PAZ Missionary Conference, where the speaker Pastor Harold told me that I had a gift of teaching and that I should develop it alongside my other gifts. Ruth had also been praying God would give her opportunities to use her gifts more, so when these came up, even though it’s a huge, HUGE stretch, we said “yes!” We don’t want to be the people who say “no” to the LORD just because we feel in over our heads. Anything that the LORD calls us to do will be bigger than us and stretch us beyond our “limits.” We better get used to being stretched!

Remember Moses’ response to the LORD’s call at the burning bush? He said “LORD, but I am slow of speech.” I sure identified with Moses this last week, but I know that if I say no, the LORD will respect that, and find someone else to do His will. I want to be the person who does His will – His “yes” person! The LORD just continues to grow us, challenge us and use us. We feel like this is also the start of a new chapter in our lives here, as the LORD so obviously has opened up the doors in this area.

In the meantime, I am a bachelor until Saturday, Feb 7, as Ruth is traveling with a medical team and helping to translate. In addition, we, the staff of Project AmaZon, are seeking more of the Lord in a corporate 21-day Daniel fast that started last Thursday. A Daniel fast is basically a fast of just fruits and vegetables – forget any meats, animal products, soda, etc.! I always thought being a vegetarian would not be any fun, and especially a vegetarian on a vegan diet. Now I can confirm it is true. I am certainly a meat and potatoes kind of guy. But there isn’t anything I wouldn’t give up to walk more closely with the Lord. (If something is standing in your way, it’s called idolatry and it’s pretty serious in the LORD’s Book). I think I will be ready for a meat-lovers pizza once the fast ends! Now if only we had a Pizza Hut here. Please lift us up in prayer as we prepare and participate in these upcoming events. God bless you!

P.S. – Check out the brand new wallpapers I created at and read more about the great things going on with PAZ!


A Great Kick Forward

We just got done with a marathon of conferences, and we have come out more challenged then ever in the great task of reaching the Amazon Basin, Brazil and South America. Ruth came out of it exhausted and a little sick, as she was very involved in the planning and implementation of the two conferences.

Welcome to Camp Shalom and home of the 2009 PAZ Leadership Conference
Welcome to Camp Shalom, home of the 2009 PAZ Leadership Conference

Our speaker for our last 2 conferences was Pastor Harold Weitsz of Little Falls Christian Center in South Africa. He and his wife Maude blessed and wowed us with their presence. Over the last 2 weeks we have learned so much about how to be a victorious Christian. Pastor Harold and Maude have plenty of room to talk about that area, being some of the largest, modern-day spiritual giants I know.

Pastor Harold Weitsz
Pastor Harold Weitsz

Pastor Harold told us about how, when he got serious about God, he thoroughly studied the Bible – going through New Testament 6 times in the first month of his studies – not just reading, but studying!


Here Come the Conferences!

Here they come, 3 Conferences in 2 weeks! Ruth has been heavily involved in planning, organizing and coordinating the details of these 3 conferences that will set the tone of the coming 5 years with Project AmaZon. Here’s how they break down:

  1. Base Leaders Meetings
  2. This is a meeting of the base leaders of Project AmaZon. It starts today (Monday) and goes until Thursday. (Ruth and I are not involved with this conference- only some of the planning)

  3. PAZ Leadership Conference
  4. This is our huge, bi-annual, church-leadership conference for many pastors of PAZ and missionaries. It will be a key time of vision casting, leadership training, fellowship and spiritual refreshing. This year we are launching the project 1000 by 2014 – our great goal to plant a total of 1,000 churches by 2014 (we currently have 500)! The keynote speaker this year is Harold Weitsz from South Africa. He has had tremendous success in church planting and developing Bible Schools in Africa. Look for the exciting details of this conference in the weeks to come on

    A sneak peak at the logo I developed for our brand new initiative, 1000 by 2014.  Be looking for it in English, shortly!
    A sneak peak at the logo I developed for our brand new initiative, 1000 by 2014. Be looking for it in English, shortly!
  5. PAZ Missionary Conference
  6. Last, but not least, our annual PAZ Missionary Conference, specifically for the English speaking missionaries with PAZ. This is always a special time of fellowship and spiritual renewal.

Please pray for these conferences: that everyone would remain safe, that all the details would work out, that we would be filled with faith and for a special visitation of God that would energize us for the tremendous work ahead. Please pray also for our car! Yes, our car seemingly knows exactly when it would be most inconvenient to break down. It broke down right before our last big conference that we were involved in (the MDA Conference last October) and the other day, while running around preparing this conference, it broke down again! We thank you for your prayers and support – now let’s go plant some churches!!

Men are always impressed with big water tanks.  These two, new, 20,000 liter tanks replace the old, unreliable system at camp.  They're a part of a large new project to improve our facilities.
Men are always impressed with big water tanks. These two, new, 20,000 liter tanks replace the old, unreliable system at camp. They're a part of a large new project to improve our facilities.

A Reutter’s Year in Review

The Hrubik family girls

Happy New Year! It feels like it’s been a year since our last update (heh heh – some jokes never get old). We took some time off to get away from work and the town (and the internet) and spend some precious time with family. All of Ruth’s family are in town this holiday season, and it has been wonderful to be together. Get ready to enjoy lots of pictures from this Holiday season – you’ll see it was more than just a fun family time.

Before getting to the pictures, Ruth and I just want to once again emphasize our thankfulness to you – your love, support, Christmas cards & notes (which we receive each day!) and willingness to partner in Kingdom work. We feel so blessed and are trusting the Lord for a wonderful 2009! We also pray each day for you, that you would be blessed as you continue to be a blessing in God’s Kingdom.

Ruth Update

We have good news and bad news. Against the norm, we’ll share the good news first: the doctor said Ruth is nearly fully recovered, doing exceptionally well. He is ordering tons of tests for Ruth, just to go over everything very well to see if there is anything to watch out for in Ruth’s next pregnancy. He believes Ruth’s next pregnancy will be a healthy one, and our next baby as well! Praise God – that’s what we’re praying for!

The bad news: the doctor said that given the outcome of her last pregnancy, she should play the next one super safe and not do any air travel at all while she is pregnant. That means if we get pregnant when we hope to (some time this Spring), Ruth will not be able to travel to the US (or anywhere via airplane, for that matter). I was super bummed to hear that, because our life and plans, once again, were thrown in the air and left hanging. Among many other things, we’re learning to be more flexible! Ha! So now we’re in a “wait and see” pattern. If anything, I (Nate) will probably come to the States alone in August and have an abbreviated stay – visiting family, friends and our 4 supporting churches. Of course, this is all subject to when Ruth gets pregnant. If she doesn’t get pregnant before our trip to the States, she’ll be able to come, but we are praying that she gets pregnant as soon as she is healthy, which, pending these tests, would seem to be very soon. Keep our us and our plans before the Lord and we will trust together that the Lord will work everything out for the best! OK, enough talk, lets see some pictures!

The Picture Portion of a Phabulous Update

One of my Christmas presents this year was a new Nikon DSLR camera. Wow! What a wonderful gift- I’m loving it! About the only way to top that would be if someone wanted to give us a house. Any takers? Ha! Just look at some of the great photos we took:


The Christmas 2008 Paperback Reutter

Click on the picture to download the newseltter!
Click on the picture to download the newseltter!

Here it is, our Christmas 2008 Paperback Reutter is our snail-mail letter that we send out 2-3 times a year. We just sent this one out last week, so if you haven’t received one via the mail, it means you’re not on our mailing list! Send us your name and address and sign up now! Thanks for your love and support, and enjoy our newsletter!