3 Days in Isu

Every year I clear my schedule for 3 days in order to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life and into the countryside. Once in nature, I have space to think and reflect, enjoying God’s beautiful creation. These are keys time for me spiritually, as I’m able to take lots of time reading the Bible, listening to great messages, and praying and meditating often in silence.

I have enjoyed some of my most profound moments with God on trips like these, including one that I did a number of years ago in the area around Mt Fuji. I always come back renewed and refreshed, and it’s key to keeping me and my family on track.

Going on a trip like this takes a lot of work and planning. I still have all my work to get done, and so losing 3 days out of a week to do it means a lot of extra work before and after the trip, often late into the night and early in the morning. It’s not easy for Ruth either, as I am gone and not able to help with the kids. But the result of a time like this are priceless.

This year I knew exactly where I wanted to go for this personal retreat. Only three hours away from Tokyo is the Isu Peninsula, a UNESCO Global Geo park full of incredible coastlines, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. I had previously only experienced a little bit of this amazing place, and I always knew I wanted to explore it more. It was the perfect choice for this retreat.

Here are the places I visited in this episode in order of appearance
Jogasaki Coast 城ヶ崎海岸
Beachside Inn Shirahama (Hotel)

Shirahama Beach Cherry Blossoms along the Aono River in Shimogamo
Irozaki Ocean Park & Cape Lighthouse Yusuge Park ユウスゲ公園
Kumomi Sengen Shrine & Observation Deck
Koganezaki Park 黄金崎公園
Tsumekizaki Park & Lighthouse 爪木埼灯台

Ryugu Sea Cave 龍宮窟
Kawazu Seven Waterfalls 河津七滝
Jōren Falls 浄蓮の滝
Izu Sky Line Drive (Aerial Images)

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