A Life That Holds Together

The world may be uncertain these days, but that doesn’t mean your life has to be in a state of uncertainty. Yes, most things are out of our control, but the things that remain under our control make the difference in whether we will grow stronger during this pandemic or if we will fall apart.

We as humans like to put up a persona that we are strong, that we can do it, that we are self-made, successful people. But one of the biggest blessings in life is to realize just how vulnerable we are as human beings. We weren’t made to do it alone, we’re only fooling ourselves if we think we can. Before we can be strong, we must realize that we are weak.

Strength can come from many different places, but the best sources of strength are ones that are accessible, true and trustworthy. They can be drawn upon in the darkest of days. Building a strong family takes work and dedication, but it also serves as a strength in unstable times. Seeking God, to know Him and live by his ways is not always cool in today’s society, but a life built on a firm foundation of a good living never goes out of style. A life that’s worth living is a life that holds together.

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