A Word for 2022: Focus

It’s 2022! Happy New Year! We’ve made it another year, which is no small feat these days! The new year offers new hope and a chance to start fresh again. It’s time to reflect on last year, celebrate the victories, mourn the losses and look forward to the future.

We ourselves recently celebrated the end of one year, full of its own unique victories and challenges and entered into the new year with expectations of even bigger things this year. Will this year be difficult like the last couple of years have been? What kind of year is coming our way?

As we look towards this year, the word that keeps coming to mind is focus. The things that we focus on this year will determine the outcome of the year for us. There will be a lot of things that happen this year that are outside of our control. In fact I dare say most of what happens is outside of our direct control. But our focus will determine what we do with what happens. Will we still be productive and fruitful, or paralyzed in fear and anxiety? Will we be pushing new boundaries, or settled for old accomplishments? The future is full of possibilities, but it’s the ones with the right focus that make the most of each situation.

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