Adventures at Home

If Corona has taught us anything, it’s the art of living, working and adventuring in (or close to) home. And while many types of tourism are struggling, there are some that are thriving. For instance, take camping. The very fact of being off by yourself in nature somewhere is something that (for the most part) works very well in an era of “social” distancing (which is a terrible name — it should be called physical distancing).

We had plans early in 2020, before COVID changed the world, to do some camping. So we bought a tent, got camping supplies and geared up for the camping season. We were fortunate to get some camping in, but something very unexpected happened. When shutdowns became the norm, people everywhere turned to camping as an outlet for their vacation woes.

It was no different over Golden Week. We had planned on a great camping trip, but due to the high amount of reservations made way in advance, we had trouble finding a camping ground. One full place led to another, until we decided we would do the next best thing: camp at home. Here’s our home camping adventure!

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