Big Changes

I can hardly think of a bigger life change than moving, especially if it’s to a new city or especially a new country, and in this last year Ruth and I and all of Ruth’s siblings and their families have moved. That’s a lot of change! But the most recent was Ruth’s younger brother Paul and his wife Pri, who just moved an hour away from us to the seaside city of Hiratsuka to plant a new Paz Church.

Moving is bittersweet. It marks a new chapter in life, and with it come new challenges and mountains to climb. Ruth is especially close with her family, so it’s hard to say goodbye to her brother’s family who have lived so close, even though they will only be an hour away.

But this is the life that we live. It’s full of comings and goings, hellos and goodbyes. This world is no one’s permanent home — no ones! So you learn to appreciate what you have when you have it and to let go when the time comes. The price of love is grief — grief when you lose what you loved. But for us we know that strong relationships grounded in love endure moves, changes, difficulties and even death itself.

Ultimately it’s only those things that have truly been grounded in Love that will endure. And that’s what makes big changes such a good thing — it helps us filter out all of the superfluous things that so easily entangle our lives and see in a clearer way the things — or I should say the relationships — that really matter. The more we focus on those things, the more meaningful each and every moment of our lives become.

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