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You Are Good (Music Video)

I remember taking Spanish in high school and thinking to myself “When am I ever going to need anything other than English?”  I had a hard time staying motivated to learn; my sister Amy was the linguist of the family, and I was the musician.  Getting a B in Spanish was good enough for me.  When would I ever use a foreign language again?  Well, God certainly has a sense of humor.  When He spoke very clearly to me about becoming a missionary I thought “You have the wrong Reutter!”  But God knows what He’s doing, and all these years we’ve had the opportunity to produce music now in three different languages!  God’s love is now reaching out through music in a new language: Japanese.  I’m so happy to share with you this music video we produced from our upcoming album Live in Tokyo.  

Music Videos

Nothing is Impossible (Music Video)

Here is our first release off of our new Live album recorded in downtown Omotesando (Tokyo) last summer. Enjoy!

And in case you didn’t catch it, here is the behind the scenes video from these recordings.

LIJ Episode Lives Music Videos

Recording Live with Diflen Music in Tokyo

Since arriving in Japan 4 years ago, we dreamed about recording a live album here in Tokyo in Japanese and English. The right moment came just last summer, and in a very short amount of time we decided to pull the trigger and record the album. This is a behind the scenes look at that recording.

We can’t wait for you to see these music videos — the first ones are coming out soon, so subscribe to our channel for the updates and check back soon! They will be posted on our bands’ channel, Diflen TV, but I will share them here too as well.

Lives Music Videos

First Kids Music Video is Out!

I am so proud of my wife and our kids! Ruth has been writing little songs that she sings to the kids in the car, out and about and around the house. These are catchy little tunes that have been so fun for us to sing as a family, so we decided to go ahead and produce some of these songs to sing with the kids at church. Ruth recently just began leading our children’s ministries “Paz Kids” at church and this was a great kick off for the types of things we want to do with our kids program here in Japan.

We got several of the kids from our church together and went to a nearby park on a Saturday morning to record them singing and dancing to “Praise the Lord.” We were able to use equipment that New Life Christian Church in Morton donated for us to make these types of videos. There was such a great reaction to this video at church and with our Japanese friends here, we can hardly wait to get more of these out! Thank you for your loving support of our family — these kind of things are possible because you are behind us. God bless you!

Lives Music Update Videos

Our First Music Video is Out!

Watch the video and see what else is in the works below

When we visited Japan for the first time 5 years ago, I could see the potential of worship to really alter this country. In a nation so moved by music, there is a huge opportunity to share God’s love and the truth through music that no one has really harnessed the potential of it yet. But by God’s grace, we want to change that. This video is the first of many planned. These are songs that we do every Sunday in church, songs that the Church around the world has been singing for years, but still have not reached into Japan. As God gives us grace, we will continue to produce these simple but powerful videos to reach people wherever they are — on a train, at work, at school or at home. Most Japanese have never considered coming to a church, but a video could be the bridge to help them meet God. Please consider sharing this!! It is produced under the name Diflen Tokyo — the name of our local youth and worship movement.

Kind of like the von Trapp family

Recently Ruth and the girls have also joined the worship revolution and have been writing songs. These songs are fun, have great words, dance moves and catchy tunes. I began producing some of them and we are doing them at church! These songs really shook up the Christmas and Easter services! Ruth and the girls have many other ideas for songs for us to eventually complete an album of fun songs aimed at kids and families throughout Japan. Ruth is already putting together a Christmas program full of singing, drama and an unforgettable Gospel presentation. Check out the video from Easter and just try to get this tune out of your head!

Diflen Music

In April we said good-bye to our beautiful families for a week while we went to the SEND International missionary retreat near Mt Fuji to begin working on a brand-new international worship project that will bless Brazil, Japan and many other countries. Under the team name of DIFLEN (Discipling and Forming LEaders in the Nations), we got the project off to a great start. It was a dream come true, setting up studio and working together with my brother-in-law Bruno and the amazing team that is coming together here. We are starting from scratch, writing new songs aimed for the church to sing! Check out this one-minute video about that time.

Pray, for the Battle is Underway

As we move forward on these things, it seems like sometimes everything else comes apart. Family members get sick and need to go to the hospital. Accidents happen. Many other “necessary” distractions come into play. We are well aware that the enemy is vehemently against these worship projects, the proclamation of the Gospel in Japan as well as the establishment and growth of the Church as a whole. Please, PLEASE pray for our encouragement, protection, holiness, energy and unity among our team. The day that we were working on finishing the video, Bruno’s son Paul had to go to the hospital and my daughter Anna went to the emergency room twice the following day! Your prayer covering could make the difference in us completing projects on time or fighting for each and every note we play. We love you!

Part of our Diflen Tokyo team — great things are coming!