Getting Around in Japan

Everywhere you go, there are norms for how one gets around. If you come for a major city, chances are you’re used to some sort of public transportation. If you come from the heartland of America, like me, cars are the norm for getting around. But the major highways and transportation arteries of the Amazon Basin are not roads or rails at all, but the river itself. Boats stream up and down the river with cargo and passengers. Where you’re from influences your picture of public transportation.

But wherever you come from, there’s little debate that Japan’s got one of the best systems of transportation of any country out there, with arguably the best train system of any nation in the world. There are so many options and ways to get around in Japan that it deserves its own proper video. It’s taken us a number of years to discover them all, and we condense it down into this short and sweet video. Enjoy!

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