It’s Summertime

Summer growing up was always a fun time that we had off school. There were fun activities to keep us busy like camps, retreats, trips and games. We would spend a lot of time playing sports with neighbor kids outside. Then when I got older, Summer became a time to work and make money, which was also great. Now that I’m a parent, summer is a time to do things together as a family, but the reality in Japan is much different than where I grew up.

Recently Sarah has really gotten into lizards and frogs, and she has been wanting to go out to find some. So this Summer we took to the nearby rivers and wetlands to see what we could find. Would our hunt end in success, or would we have to work harder to find something next time?

And when it’s super hot in the summer, it’s always great to have some fun things to do inside. We’ve heard about Tokyo’s famous indoor digital art museum and when we heard it’s about to close for good at the end of the summer, we took a day to go see it. It was well worth the trip.

Do you have any favorite summer pastimes?

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