Making a Small Place Work

In the big city, one of the hardest adjustments for large families is fitting into small places. Of course, you can find bigger places, but they come at a hefty cost and honestly, if you don’t have to live in the heart of the city, you can move to the outskirts and find a much bigger place for the same cost.

But at this point in our life, we needed to stay right where we are — in this community. So when we downsized from our previous place, we had to make it all work. Fast forward 6 months, we have felt what has worked and what hasn’t. We kept bumping into issues, especially in the limited space of our family room. So we decided to make our biggest change since our move, and one change led to another, which led to another, until eventually — well, you’ll see…

How about you? Have there been any changes that you’ve made to your living space that immediately made it better, whether it became more practical, more enjoyable or just nicer?

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