McDonald’s In Japan

McDonald’s can be found in over 100 countries across the world, and in each country they make adaptations (some small, others large) in order to fit in well with that culture. It’s no different in Japan, and it’s actually quite amazing that they’ve done so well in Japan, considering when they started they broke a number of social norms that initially kept people away. (Such as not offering seating. Japanese people consider it rude to walk and eat, so by not offering seating, the Japanese people weren’t sure how and where they were supposed to eat it)

But they were able to make changes fast enough to catch on, and once they did, the rest is, well, history. So what happens when McDonalds meets Japan? Well, for one, some really interesting item menus, some of which can only be found in Japan. In this episode of Life in Japan, we try some of the most unique things on the menu at McDonalds in Japan and determine our favorites.

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