Our Best Sushi Yet

We love our sushi. It wasn’t always that way — I mean Ruth has always liked sushi, but not me. It wasn’t until we moved here to Japan that we began eating sushi. I never choose it personally, but when friends and family would choose where to eat, we would usually end up at a sushi restaurant. Soon I found that not only did I not mind, but I looked forward to eating sushi!

Fast forward to this year. Our good friends John and Silvia invited us to try their favorite sushi restaurant with them, a place called Sushi no Midori. This isn’t a conveyor-belt sushi — this is tried and trued Japanese sushi prepared as you order by a chef you can watch work! And the sushi did NOT disappoint.

When you move to a foreign country, it takes a lot of adapting. First impressions can be deceiving… me with sushi for example. But the more you give something a try, and the more you work at adapting — whether it’s a new country, a new town, a new job — the more you might even find, like me, that you like it. Keeping an open mind towards life, even towards things we don’t initially like, is key to growing in life. I hope I can grow to like things like eel as well. Ha!

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