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Ever wonder what life is like for Americans living in Tokyo? What are our homes like? What are our lifestyles like? What do our kids do? How do we enjoy life in Japan? Is our lifestyle anything like yours? Well no need to wonder any longer, because we are launching a new series of videos focused on American life in the greater Tokyo area. Come along with us and enjoy the ride as our family of six does Life in Japan.

In this first episode, visit our Japanese home — a home that has been modified to fit our needs. We love it here, even if it is completely different than any of our other homes we’ve lived in. Sure, you need to take off your shoes in the entry way, and the toilets and hot water heaters are automated and talk to you, but that’s part of the charm. If you get thirsty, you can can easily pick up something to drink as you head out.

In future episodes we will be showing our typical day (with 4 kids going in all different directions, it’s quite a blur), our typical weekends, getting around in cars and trains and on foot, Japanese stores and interesting quirks of pseudo American/Japanese living. Subscribe to our mailing list to get our news as it comes out.

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