Our Life in Japan Recently

Our life in Japan is in some ways quite regular and normal, and in other ways not normal at all. It’s normal in the fact that we’re a family that has a home, our kids go to public school and we work. It’s not normal in the fact that we’re foreigners here, our kids are in Japanese school, and we’re taking as many opportunities as we can to get to know Japan, and in the process there are many things we’ve grown to love.

Just take a look at our recent videos on Life in Japan. One is about a fun family weekend we took together to the beautiful neighboring area of the Izu peninsula. There were so many beautiful sights as we took in the ocean, the mountains of Izu, plum and cherry blossoms as well as great views of Mt Fuji. We even rented a Japanese home to stay in while we were there! What a blast!

But what about the things that we’ve grown to love in the almost 8 years we’ve been living here!? These things are tried and true for us in Japan, things that make everyday life better. Would you add anything to the list?

And in another video, you can see how a certain local home improvement store helps us do everyday life here in Japan. How does it compare to home improvement stores where you live?

Yes, as we continue to document our life in Japan, we have had many adventures, some good and others traumatic, but our lives are filled with hope that no matter what is going on in this world, the joy to come is greater than anything we’ve experienced already.

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